SEC 340 Quiz Week 4 DeVry




SEC 340 Quiz Week 4 DeVry

 (TCO 7) What type of backup site is a fully configured computer facility with all services, communications links, and physical plant operations and is capable of establishing operations at a moment’s notice?

Hot site

Warm site

Cold site

None of the above

(TCO 7) Which backup method offers the fastest recovery time?





(TCO 7) Which of the following is not one of the three possible backup strategies?

Six-tape rotation


Tower of Hanoi

All of the above are possible backup strategies.

(TCO 6) CERT provides nine best practices for responding to _____.


Virus infections


None of the above

(TCO 6) A _____ roster requires that a contact person call each and every person on the roster.




None of the above

(TCO 6) A hierarchical roster has the first person call _____ on the roster, who in turn call other people on the roster.

Every other person

Certain other people


None of the above

(TCO 6) _____ has its roots in computer science and criminal justice.

Intrusion detection

Computer forensics

Root cause analysis

None of the above

(TCO 6) The use of established _____ can facilitate the collection of legally defensible evidentiary material.




None of the above

(TCO 7) The _____ method of backup allows recovery of data for the previous three weeks.

Six-tape rotation


Towers of Hanoi

None of the above

(TCO 7) The Towers of Hanoi is more complex than other backup approaches and is based on statistical principles to optimize _____.


Data segmentation

Media wear

None of the above

(TCO 6) A network decoy system configured to resemble a production system is called a _____.




None of the above

(TCO 6) Which of the following is not an established method to activate an alert roster?

Sequential roster

Hierarchical roster

Text messaging

None of the above

(TCO 6) A simulation of a real event in a test environment is called a _____.

Full interruption

Parallel test


War game

(TCO 6) Which of the following is not a technical aspect of analyzing evidentiary material?

Analyzing original data

Creating a hash of the evidence to provide authentication

Creating working backups of the image

Using an investigative tool that can be used to examine computer evidence

(TCO 6) When analyzing the cost of an incident, which of the following should not be considered?

Cost associated with reproducing lost data

Legal costs associated with prosecuting offenders

Costs associated with loss of market advantage or share due to disclosure of proprietary information

None of the above. They are all factors that should be considered.

(TCO 7) A business resumption plan is considered to have two major elements, which are:

Disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan

Disaster recovery plan and incident response plan

Incident response plan and business resumption plan

None of the above

(TCO 7) There are _____ key procedural mechanisms which facilitate the restoration of critical information and the continuation of business operations.





(TCO 7) First, regardless of the strategy, _____ storage and _____ storage must be secured.

Tape, hard drive

Differential, incremental

Off-site, on-site

Classified, unclassified

(TCO 7) Overall, the _____-tape rotation method of backup offers roughly two weeks of recovery capability.





(TCO 7) Which form of RAID is used to balance safety and redundancy against the costs of acquiring and operating the systems?

RAID level 1

RAID level 0

RAID level 7

RAID level 5


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SEC 340 Quiz Week 4 DeVry

Best SEC 340 Quiz Week 4 DeVry

SEC 340 Quiz Week 4 DeVry