PA 600 Week 7 Discussions DeVry




PA 600 Week 7 Discussions DeVry

PA 600 What do You Take Away? Week 7 Discussions 1

Looking back over all of the courses you took in this degree program, what is the one piece of information that you feel has been the most beneficial to you? How has it been useful? We are nearing the end.   In this week, we want to reflect at bit on your past few years of schooling and the past few weeks of this course.   What have you learned?   Now, to go further, what information have you been able to use already for your P-Plan?   What specifically in your past classes has been used? What theories do you think are unrealistic for the public sector?  How have any of the courses changed your views on the public sector, for better or worse?…

PA 600 Analyzing Your P-Plan Week 7 Discussions 2 

Which section of the P-Plan was the most enjoyable for you to complete? Which one was the most difficult?  We are in the final stretch!  Don’t slow down now, as we have to finish strong.   This second thread focuses on your P-Plan and the process that you undertook.   We all realize the challenge of this project, the challenge of working in teams (especially remotely) and balancing all this with your life.  BUT, you have DONE IT! (almost!)  Congrats to you!

Project plans are very interesting road maps to accomplishing strategic goals and objectives. (Hutt, 2012). I think one of the most challenging parts of a p-plan is project research, learning as much about the subject matter of the project as possible. The lack of knowledge will put you at a disadvantage and could result in a project failure. Another difficult aspect was identify the stakeholders in our project. It is not always easy to identify the stakeholders of a project, particularly those impacted indirectly ( The most enjoyable part is seeing the whole concept come together and working with dedicated team mates. I think the best part of our p-plan is the cohesion of my team mates working together and doing their assigned parts and completing the project.

What are some websites that you found useful in your development of the P-Plan? What did they offer? So do you think that you did this work for a purpose?   Do you intend to use your P-Plan in the near future? How will you go about it?…

Week 1: Getting Started – Discussion
Week 2: Marketing and Communications – Discussion
Week 2: Marketing and Communications – P-Plan Proposal (Group)
Week 3: Operations and MIS – Discussion
Week 4: Financial Considerations – Discussion
Week 5: Making the Case to Funders and Committees – Discussion
Week 5: Making the Case to Funders and Committees – Summary Document (Group)
Week 6: Staffing – Discussion
Week 7: P-Plan – Discussion
Week 7: P-Plan – P-Plan (Group)
Week 8: Oral Presentation – Oral Presentation (Group)

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PA 600 Week 7 Discussions DeVry

Best PA 600 Week 7 Discussions DeVry

PA 600 Week 7 Discussions DeVry