PA 600 Week 2 Discussions DeVry



PA 600 Week 2 Discussions DeVry

PA 600 Stakeholders Week 2 Discussions 1 

Who are the stakeholders most relevant to your P-Plan? Stakeholders?  What are they?  Who are they? Now, let’s talk about engaging stakeholders in an NPO. How would you gain a consensus amongst your stakeholders in the event of a vote or strategic decisions that must be made? What would you do SPECIFICALLY to gain consensus?  Do you think that the “general public” is a valid stakeholder? Or is this too large of a group?  Switching gears a bit, how will you make a case for the needs of this program to your different stakeholders?…

PA 600 Low-Budget Marketing Tools Week 2 Discussions 2 

Not all marketing has to be expensive. Share some examples of low-budget marketing tools you have used (or seen used) by governmental, nonprofit, or public health organizations. As many of you know, especially if you work in a nonprofit, funds are ALWAYS tight!  As such, you need to find ways to be EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT…and create a sustainable nonprofit business model.  Our second question this week explores various ways to market. Word of Mouth is a critical tool.   I will talk about this further later.    You speak  What happens if social media sites have BAD things to say about your organization?   What should you do?  What actions should you take?  Let’s talk about marketing budgets. Does your organization have a marketing budget? If no, why not?  .   I have seen social media used quite effectively as a tool for low-cost marketing.   However, are their risks in using this medium?   What are these risks?   How do you overcome them…


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PA 600 Week 2 Discussions DeVry

Best PA 600 Week 2 Discussions DeVry
PA 600 Week 2 Discussions DeVry


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