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PA 581 Discussions Week 4 DeVry

PA 581 Rocky Mountain Discussions 1 Week 4

The Rocky Mountain Wranglers are a professional football team in a large metropolitan city. They have competed on the gridiron in this city for the past 50 years. The people in this city and area of the country are very passionate and supportive of their team. Football is king in this city and it is entrenched in the culture. However, the team and the city are at a crossroads. Team ownership wants to build a new stadium. While the current stadium has served the team and fans well, it is showing many signs of age and deterioration, and it’s a dinosaur when compared to the majority of stadiums throughout the league. The owners want a state-of-the-art stadium with gigantic scoreboards, fine restaurants, shops, concessions, restrooms, pre- and post-game entertainment centers, luxury and corporate booths, etc.

The owners want to enter into a partnership with the city to build the new stadium. The city would be a major player in this effort, and it would receive major revenues from various stadium activities. The city’s share of the costs would come from a 0.5% increase in the local sales tax. This tax increase will be placed on the November ballot for approval.

While it appears that this measure will pass overwhelmingly in a football-crazy city, that isn’t necessarily the case. The city has a variety of professional sports teams and, in fact, is one of the nation’s best sports towns. Also, music, art, tourism, and skiing are a big part of the area’s landscape. So, there are many factors to consider.

Please pick one of the criteria listed below, define it, and indicate how it applies to this proposal. Value-added comments, experiences, and a lot of interaction are highly encouraged.

  • horizontal equity
    vertical equity
    • adequacy
    • collectability
    • transparency
    • economic effects….

PA 581 Federal Income Tax Issues Discussions 2 Week 4 

There are varying opinions and studies on which segment of the US population bears the largest burden for paying federal income taxes.  Let’s identify the major groups of taxpayers and discuss the percent of total income taxes each pays. Also, indicate whether the tax for each group is regressive, progressive, or proportional. Is the federal income tax system equitable and efficient? Why? Why not? Finally, is the situation the same today as in the past?  How has the current administration’s tax policies changed the situation? What is your overall conclusion?…


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PA 581 Discussions Week 3 DeVry

Best PA 581 Discussions Week 3 DeVry

PA 581 Discussions Week 3 DeVry