PA 581 Discussions Week 2 DeVry




PA 581 Discussions Week 2 DeVry

PA 581 Budget Deficit Discussions 1 Week 2

Let’s suppose that you are the budget director for the City of Hope. The city has been running budget deficits for the past three years. You have recommended measures to control the budget and eliminate the deficit over the next three years. You are now approaching the end of the second year; it is apparent that the situation hasn’t changed significantly, and you project that the deficit will continue to grow.  What strategy would you develop now to correct the situation? Also, do you believe an amendment to the city charter or constitution prohibiting deficits would be a solution over the next three to five years? Why? Why not?  What do you think about the federal budget deficit and political debates surrounding it? Does your state have an annual or biennial budget? How many appropriation bills are usually passed? How much object-of-expenditure detail appears in these bills? What item veto power, if any, does the governor have?….

PA 581 Budget Justification Discussions 2 Week 2 

In an era of a bad economy, scarce resources, budget cuts, and deficits, how would you justify a new program or increases to an existing program?

The Department of Revenue wants to add more people to the unit that attempts to collect unpaid taxes through telephone contact. What questions would you, as a budget analyst, have after you receive the following request-justification memorandum?  What are the internal controls and why are they important in the budgeting cycle? What specific functions do these controls include? How are these functions different from the annual external audit procedure?…


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PA 581 Discussions Week 2 DeVry

Best PA 581 Discussions Week 2 DeVry

PA 581 Discussions Week 2 DeVry