PA 581 Discussions Week 1 DeVry




PA 581 Discussions Week 1 DeVry

PA 581 Government Operations Discussions 1 Week 1 

Refer to your state’s most recent budget, or that of a state that interests you.

  • What are the budget and finance constraints that the state places on local government?
  • Does Dillion’s rule, as discussed in the text, apply?
  • Do any units of local government have home-rule powers; and, if so, what is the extent of these powers?
  • Determine the process this state follows with its yearly operating budget and also its capital budget.
  • Does the state have written budgeting procedures that are updated regularly and followed? Are the procedures and processes followed? Are the four parts of the budget cycle followed clearly? Please provide examples.

Let us get started by answering the question above. Specifically, let us discuss the principle of home rule in more detail and establish its significance in the budgeting process at the local level. How does the presence/lack of home rule affect the distribution of fiscal powers and fiscal relationships between different levels of governance?

Additionally, please find online and review the latest budget document published by your state. Briefly discuss the specific budgeting procedures and processes your state uses….

PA 581 Budget Strategies Discussions 2 Week 1 

  • What are budget strategies and why are they so important to a governmental unit?
  • What are examples of some very effective strategies?
  • Please share personal experiences you’ve had using budget strategies. How effective were they? Did they achieve your desired outcome?

Based on the budget strategies discussed in the textbook (pp 81-87), let us try and identify the strategy represented in each of the following arguments taken from hypothetical budget discussions. Please be sure to explain the rationale behind your choice.

  1. A bill to increase the number of women eligible for Medicaid-funded prenatal assistance in this state would not only save lives but also cut state costs for care of low-birthweight babies and handicapped children. Studies have shown that every dollar spent on prenatal care reduces long-term healthcare expenditures by $3.38.The change in the Board of Health sanitation position from full time to part time will demolish the inspection program. Rather than accept the weakened program, we would prefer that the program be terminated.3. Faculty salaries at Enormous State University rank seventeenth among eighteen universities with which it competes. Substantial improvements in pay must come in this budget year if major defections are to be prevented…


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PA 581 Discussions Week 1 DeVry

Best PA 581 Discussions Week 1 DeVry

PA 581 Discussions Week 1 DeVry