NETW 589 All Week Quizzes DeVry



NETW 589 All Week Quizzes DeVry 

NETW 589 Quiz Week 1 Wireless Communication DeVry 

(TCO A) What disadvantages do wireless networks have?

(TCO A) An electromagnetic signal contains what fields? What is their relationship?

(TCO A) Define and give an example of narrow band and spread spectrum transmission. What is the big disadvantage of narrow band, and why is spread spectrum a good alternative?

(TCO A) How is information conveyed using AM (amplitude modulation)?

When an amplitude modulated signal is created, the amplitude of the signal is…

(TCO A) In phase modulation, what happens to the amplitude, the frequency, and the starting point of the cycle of a signal?

NETW 589 Quiz Week 2 Wireless Communication DeVry

(TCO B) Why do we need standards in telecommunications? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

(TCO B) What is the difference between de facto and de jure?

De facto standards are not really standards at all. Rather, they are…

(TCO B) For United States standards, what are the top three organizations?

(TCO B) What is a link budget?

NETW 589 Quiz Week 3 Wireless Communication DeVry 

(TCO C) Which security standard is compatible with the 802.11i standard, and which ones are not?

(TCO C) What is WEP? Describe the five major characteristics of WEP.

(TCO C) What does MIMO do?

(TCO C) What are the two main WLAN modes, and how do they differ?

(TCO C) What is the SSID?

NETW 589 Quiz Week 4 Wireless Communication DeVry 

(TCO D) What is a WMAN, and what are the primary goals?

(TCO D) What are the disadvantages of FSO?

(TCO D) What is the difference between baseband and broadband?

(TCO D) LMDS operates over what frequencies?

(TCO D) What is a triple play?

NETW 589 Quiz Week 5 Wireless Communication DeVry

(TCO E) Digital cellular telephones can be used for what common applications? List and explain five of them.

(TCO E) Define i-Mode

(TCO E) Describe the location and the use of a GEO satellite

NETW 589 Quiz Week 6 Wireless Communication DeVry

(TCO F) What is a reader or an interrogator?

(TCO F) What security issues are associated with RFID tags? How can these concerns be mitigated?

(TCO F) One class of active tags is called beacons. What does a beacon do?

NETW 589 Quiz Week 7 Wireless Communication DeVry

(TCO G) AMPS operates in what frequency range?

(TCO G) Describe four key elements contained in a request for proposal (RFP).

(TCO G) Discuss three strategic business advantages to wireless systems.


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NETW 589 All Week Quizzes DeVry

Best NETW 589 All Week Quizzes DeVry
NETW 589 All Week Quizzes DeVry


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