NETW 589 All Week Discussions DeVry



NETW 589 All Week Discussions DeVry

NETW 589 Discussions Week 1 DeVry

NETW 589 How Do You Use Wireless Discussions 1 Week 1 

No doubt you use wireless devices every day. Provide some examples as to what the device does, the size of the device, and the frequency the device uses.  What are the wireless devices you use at home? What frequency do they operate on?  Class, What is Ultra Wide Band? Has anyone of you used it or is using it?  What is the range of UWB? what frequency does it operate on ? Is it secure?…

NETW 589 The Replacement for DSSS, OFDM Discussions 2 

Until recently most low-speed devices used FHSS and higher-speed devices used DSSS; today Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing is the new method. What is OFDM? How is it used? Why is it used?  Class, before we jump in into the different modulation techniques, what is meant by modulation? Why is it important?  What is the difference between analog and digital? Why did most technologies move to Digital? What drawbacks did analog transmission have?  What are spread spectrums? How do FHSS and DSSS compare?…

NETW 589 Discussions Week 2 DeVry

NETW 589 Impediments to Transmission Discussions 1 Week 2 

Look around you. How many impediments to successful wireless transmission do you see? How can these be overcome? What is attenuation? how does it occur? What do you do to solve the problem of attenuation?  What are some ways to overcome interference?…

NETW 589 Antennas Discussions 2 Week 2 

Look at the wireless devices you use. Where is the antenna? What type of antenna is it? What is polarization? why is it important in WLANs?  What is antenna Efficiency? Can we achieve 90%-100% efficiency on an antenna?….

NETW 589 Discussions Week 3 DeVry

NETW 589 Use of Bluetooth Discussions 1 Week 3 

Where is Bluetooth commonly used? What is Bluetooth? What frequency does it operate on? What transmission scheme it uses? Is it Secure? What are its common uses? Do you think Bluetooth is Secure? Would you worry about sniffing or eavesdropping ?…

NETW 589 How Secure Is a WLAN? Discussions 2 Week 3 

What are the main security threats facing wireless local area networks? What is WEP? How does it work? what are its vulnerabilities?  What did WPA and WPA2 bring to the table?  Why are they better than WEP?…

NETW 589 Discussions Week 4 DeVry

NETW 589 The Last Mile Discussions 1 Week 4 

What is the Last Mile? What are the problems associated with the last mile for carriers? Is it really a last mile? or a metpahor for something? What are the problems associated with the last mile for carriers?

NETW 589 FSO Discussions 2 Week 4 

What is FSO? Where is it used? What are the advantages and disadvantages?  Have you heard of it before or this is the first time?  What is WWAN? What are some technologies that fall under that umbrella?…

NETW 589 Discussions Week 5 DeVry

NETW 589 Cellular Data Networks for a WAN Discussions 1 Week 5 

Is a cellular connection an appropriate type of link for use in a WAN? Can it be a primary link? Can it be used as a backup link dialed on demand?…

NETW 589 The use of Satellite Networks Discussions 2 Week 5

Where are satellite links used as part of a WAN? How can the technical limitations be ameliorated?  What are the technical limitations of Satellite Communications?…

NETW 589 Discussions Week 6 DeVry

NETW 589 Privacy, Security, and RFID Discussions 1 Week 6

RFID has some controversial applications. Is RFID a risk to our privacy, or is it a necessity for security? How does tap to pay work? Has anyone tried it yet?…

NETW 589 Project Discussions 2 Week 6 

Discuss with the instructor and fellow students what you learned from the project and how you can apply this in your network management career….

NETW 589 Discussions Week 7 DeVry

NETW 589 Deploying Wireless Applications Discussions 1 Week 7

How do you evaluate wireless solutions for business?  Is it deployed everywhere in businesses? Do you see it to continue be favorable in the future?  What is RFI? What is it used for? What does it aim for? How should it be used?…

NETW 589 Selling a Wireless Solution Discussions 2 Week 7

Imagine that you are a consultant or an IT Manager. How would you go about selling wireless to your customers?  What things do you stress on to bring advantage to the customer?…


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NETW 589 All Week Discussions DeVry

Best NETW 589 All Week Discussions DeVry
NETW 589 All Week Discussions DeVry


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