NETW 563 Midterm Exam Wireless Network DeVry




NETW 563 Midterm Exam Wireless Network  DeVry

 (TCO A) A wireless client network interface card performs each of the following tasks except (Points : 5)

Transmitting the packet over radio waves.

Determining when to send the packet.

Dividing data into packets.

Sending packets to a wired network through a root remote wireless bridge.

(TCO A) A _____ is a million hertz. (Points : 5)





(TCO C) The bit pattern used in a WLAN direct sequence spread spectrum transmission is called the (Points : 5)

Barker code.

Oscillation modulation.

Chip set.

XOR Inverse (XORI).

(TCO C) _____ is a group of wireless devices that is served by a single access point (AP). (Points : 5)

Basic Service Set

Ad hoc mode

Extended Service Set

Independent Service Set

(TCO D) Each of the following is a design goal of a site survey except (Points : 5)

Implement a wired network infrastructure.

Achieve the best possible performance from a WLAN.

Determine the best location for access points.

Develop wired networks optimized for a variety of applications.

(TCO D) A device that converts direct current from a battery to alternating current is a(n) (Points : 5)

DC-to-AC converter.

AC-to-DC converter.

Universal Power Adapter (UPA).

Power Converter (PC).

(TCO E) After the security flaws in WEP were publicized, the IEEE TGi task group released a new proposed implementation known as what? (Points : 5)




Dynamic TKIP

(TCO E) WPA and WPA2 were created by which organization? (Points : 5)



Wi-Fi Alliance

Wireless Research Resource Group (WRRG)

(TCO A) Give a brief summary of the characteristics of IEEE 802.11b, 802.11a, and 802.11g wireless networks. (Points : 10)

IEEE 802.11b maximizes the throughput and makes it as high as eleven megabits per second but it…

(TCO A) What are some limitations to infrared wireless LAN systems? (Points : 10)

The limited range is one of the obvious limitations to infrared wireless LAN systems. It does…

(TCO C) What is fragmentation, and how does fragmentation reduce collisions? (Points : 10)

Fragmentation pertains to the process of splitting up the datagram into simpler components so that they can all be…

(TCO C) What are two disadvantages of IEEE 802.11g networks? (Points : 10)

One of the disadvantages of IEEE 802.11g networks is that the number of channels that can be accessed is…

(TCO D) Explain channel reuse. (Points : 10)

Wireless signals always have a group of channels that are allocated to a particular location, which can be…

(TCO E) Explain how WEP violates the “cardinal rule” of cryptography. (Points : 10)

The application of the WEP violates the cardinal rule of cryptography in the sense that cryptography  requires…


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NETW 563 Midterm Exam Wireless Network DeVry

Best NETW 563 Midterm Exam Wireless Network  DeVry

NETW 563 Midterm Exam Wireless Network DeVry