JADM 480 Week 8 Final Exam DeVry



JADM 480 Week 8 Final Exam DeVry

WEEK 8 Final Exam

Question 1 Explain the meaning of homeland security.

Question 2 What have been the positive and negative aspects of DHS since 9/11?

Question 3 Describe the basic strategy of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan.

Question 4 Describe the two main problems of the U.S. intelligence picture.

Question 5 Describe three examples in which Homeland Security protection has improved since 9/11.

Question 6 If an impenetrable fence were erected from New Orleans to San Diego, would that prevent people from illegally entering the United States?

Question 7 What are two impacts of transnational organized crime?

Question 8 Explain the impact of the French Revolution on the history of terrorism.

Question 9 Explain the National Disaster Medical System setup.

Question 10 Name and describe at least three things that make terrorism different from normal crime.


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JADM 480 Week 8 Final Exam DeVry

Best JADM 480 Week 8 Final Exam DeVry
JADM 480 Week 8 Final Exam DeVry



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