JADM 480 Week 2 Homework DeVry



JADM 480 Week 2 Homework DeVry


Antiterrorism Essay

Write an essay summarizing at least three antiterrorism laws developed since 2001. Your essay should contain an introduction and contain a brief description of each antiterrorism law, including whether each one is a state or federal regulation. The essay should conclude with the effect of the laws on everyday life in the United States.

The essay should be approximately three pages in length (double-spaced) not including the cover page and reference page. All source material should be cited in APA format, including the referenced laws.

The essay will be graded using the Essay Grading Rubric available in the Files section.

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JADM 480 Week 2 Homework DeVry

Best JADM 480 Week 2 Homework DeVry
JADM 480 Week 2 Homework DeVry



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