HSM 420 Discussions Week 5 DeVry




HSM 420 Discussions Week 5 DeVry

HSM 420 Managed Care Accreditation Discussions 1 Week 5

Discuss the main elements of the managed care accreditation process. For each main element, explain why it is important.  Are these steps adequate?  Should more be done?  There are so many elements that must be monitored.  If healthcare facilities were not held accountable for delivering these elements in an efficient manner, quality care would not be delivered.  For reimbursement of Medicare claims must the facility be accredited?…

What are some of the common standards mandated by NCQA? Although there are several standards, all facilities are not accredited.  What do non-accredited facilities do to compete with accredited facilities? Is your local hospital or healthcare facility NCQA accredited?  What information on your local facility can you find?  Were you able to find out why certain areas are accredited by NCQA and some are not?  What are some of the common standards mandated by several accreditation organizations? Although accreditation is not mandatory, what is the success rate of hospitals that are not accredited?  Are there insurance plans that require accreditation? If a facility is not accredited, what does this mean for the facility?  Are they eligible for reimbursement from government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid?…

HSM 420 Managed Care Marketing Discussions 2 Week 5

Discuss how managed care sales and marketing have evolved over recent decades, and how these may possibly evolve over the decades ahead.  Does healthcare marketing vary based on location?  With the Affordable Care Act, have the number of insured in rural areas increased?…

With universal healthcare will the marketing still differ?  With marketing varying based on location, does this mean that pricing varies based on location as well? Why is the healthcare more expensive in Maryland than it is in Georgia?  Does this mean that the quality is better in Maryland than it is in Georgia?  Does medical underwriting differ based on location?  Does where you live determine your healthcare rate?  How do hospitals advertise quality?  Which organization measures quality healthcare?  As a patient, we are to understand this information.  We need to know the equivalence of high quality.  Which hospital has the best quality?  Which provider provides the best quality?  Patients need to educate themselves with this type of information.  How has the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act affected the way that managed care is marketed?…


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HSM 420 Discussions Week 5 DeVry

Best HSM 420 Discussions Week 5 DeVry

HSM 420 Discussions Week 5 DeVry