HSM 310 Discussions Week 7 DeVry




HSM 310 Discussions Week 7 DeVry

 HSM 310 Teamwork in Healthcare and Disparities in Healthcare Discussions 1 Week 7 

 What are the key ethical concepts, as described in your textbook, that we need to understand as healthcare professionals? Cite at least two of these key concepts, and provide a relevant example for each, showing how the concept relates to healthcare. What are some of the important legal and/or ethical issues that arise in managed care programs?…

What is meant by “patient self-determination?” How does that concept relate to our work as healthcare professionals? What do you consider to be the most important ethical issue facing healthcare professionals today, and why?

Patient rights are an important aspect of health care. In nursing homes, residents have the right to make poor health decisions. An example is a brittle diabetic wanting to eat anything they want. The doctor or nurse can give them information about what they eat, but ultimately the patient makes the decision. What are your thoughts on this?

How would you go about educating your staff members on key legal and ethical issues related to their work?

HSM 310 Teamwork in Healthcare and Disparities in Healthcare Discussions 2 Week 7 

 Define fraud as it relates to healthcare. What is the difference between fraud and abuse?  Conduct an Internet search and find at least one example of fraud and/or abuse that took place in a healthcare setting. Present your example here for the group. What is the key learning objective from this example?…

Give an example of fraud or abuse in health care. Share an Internet article about it and your thoughts on it.  What is the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) and how will it affect fraud? What are the key provisions of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor

As a hospital or clinic CEO, how would you go about preventing fraud and abuse in your own facility? What is a corporate compliance program, and why is it important in healthcare?

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HSM 310 Discussions Week 7 DeVry

Best HSM 310 Discussions Week 7 DeVry

HSM 310 Discussions Week 7 DeVry