HSM 310 Discussions Week 6 DeVry




HSM 310 Discussions Week 6 DeVry

 HSM 310 Teamwork in Healthcare Discussions 1 Week 6

You are the newly appointed director of human resources for a 500-bed regional medical center on the East Coast. One of the top priorities given to you by the hospital CEO when you were hired was to improve teamwork within the hospital. There has been too much bickering and poor communication among departments and within teams. Efficiency, quality, and morale have all been suffering as a result. How will you set about improving teamwork in your facility? How will you improve team communication, and how will you manage teams of healthcare professionals?…

What is to first thing you would do to get the moral and teamwork to improve at this hospital and why? What are the benefits and costs associated with teamwork in healthcare organizations?  Describe the favorite work team you ever were a part of? What was it like and was it very productive? What was the team’s leader like?  Share with the class if you were in an organization that went through a previously described situation. Do you think the organization handled the change properly? What could they have done differently to improve the situation?

Do you think this is a useful way to manage people at work? Have you ever been a part of a sports team? Share some things that the coach and team did to be motivated and successful?

There is going to be a lot of challenges with teams in your organization. Most of you are going to be in management someday so it is things you will be dealing with. Class What would you do to improve teamwork if you were a hospital administrator?

HSM 310 Disparities in Healthcare Discussions 2 Week 6

 Based upon your studies this week, what do you consider to be the most serious disparities existing in American healthcare at this time? And what would you suggest be done to address these disparities? As a healthcare manager, what will be your best practices for achieving quality healthcare for all patients in your community?…

What is meant by “cultural competence,” and how would you go about achieving this in your own healthcare facility?

What are some of the major barriers to healthcare access that contribute to disparities in U.S. healthcare?  Is there a problem in access in our country? Can we find some statistics on this? We will look at the pro’s and con’s of this government intervention to improve health care access. Our U.S. health care system is about 50% private and 50% public. How does the U.S. compare to other countries in terms of Health Care Access?

What is the role of public policy in addressing healthcare disparities? Are disparities a public health problem or a private health problem?

Do American citizens have a right to health care, housing, food? Is the government responsible to provide these services? These are the big questions that center on the government these days. What are your thoughts on this?


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HSM 310 Discussions Week 6 DeVry

Best HSM 310 Discussions Week 6 DeVry

HSM 310 Discussions Week 6 DeVry