HSM 310 Discussions Week 5 DeVry




HSM 310 Discussions Week 5 DeVry

HSM 310 Managing Healthcare Professionals Discussions 1 Week 5

 One of the most important topics in healthcare leadership today is culture of safety. Consider your learning from the textbook on this subject and your own personal and professional experiences. As a hospital manager or CEO, what steps would you take to ensure that a culture of safety exists for the protection of your patients and your staff members?…

Select any healthcare profession of special interest to yourself, and explain the training required for entry into that profession?  Safety is very important for the health care staff. Many employees get illnesses through their workplace in health care.  Can you find and share an article about this with the class? What are your thoughts on this topic?  Why is conflict of interest an important issue when physicians are employed by a hospital?

What are the attributes of hospitals that promote professional nursing practice and become great places for nurses to work? In what ways are the supply and demand laws related to the wages you receive? How will labor supply and demand help you to get more money when you achieve your career goals?  How is managing physicians different from managing nurses and allied health professionals?

HSM 310 Strategic Management of Human Resources Discussions 2 Week 5 

The human resources department (HR) of a hospital or clinic is an extremely busy and important place these days. What are the key functions of human resources management? Select one of these key functions and explain how it can be done effectively in a healthcare organization today.  Class: How will you recruit qualified physicians for your hospital or clinic?…

What will you do to make sure that excellent staff members are retained by your organization and do not leave for other opportunities? Why do you think there is a shortage of healthcare personnel today? What professions are most affected?

Is there a shortage of physicians in the state where you live? If so, what are the reasons for this?  How will you recruit qualified nurses and allied health personnel for your hospital or clinic?

If there is a shortage of health care professionals, that would be good for us. There are more available jobs and at higher salaries for us! What do you think of this? What job do you want to do after you earn this degree and why?  Do you believe that doctors are paid too much? Is there a shortage of physicians in your area?  How will you assess employee performance in your organization?


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HSM 310 Discussions Week 5 DeVry

Best HSM 310 Discussions Week 5 DeVry

HSM 310 Discussions Week 5 DeVry