HRM 420 Homework Week 6 DeVry




HRM 420 Homework Week 6 DeVry

Transfer of Training and Evaluation

This week, using your homework assignment from last week (your proposal you wrote for your supervisor on whether to purchase the training modules you evaluated), create two evaluation instruments for one of the training modules that you reviewed last week. First, create a pretest that you would give your trainees prior to taking the training. Then, create a Level 2 or Level 3 instrument that shows what the trainees learned after taking the training. Explain how you would measure the gains your trainees achieved from the training. (For more on the levels, see Table 6.1, page 239, of your textbook.) Your submission to the Dropbox should include a title page with your name and pertinent information, your explanation section on how you will measure the gains, and two instruments (i.e., questionnaires, quizzes, survey forms, manager feedback, etc.). The instruments should be copy ready, in that whoever would fill out the instrument (i.e., the trainee or the manager) should be able to do so based on your submission. In other words, don’t just tell what your instrument would be; create the instrument. See the lecture for more information on this as well. If you use a tool like Surveymonkey™ (not required but allowed), you can provide the link to the live survey as your instrument(s). If you don’t use a tool like Surveymonkey™, then you will need to create a paper copy of your instrument for your instructor to grade. Be sure to publish your survey if you create one, and make the link live for your professor to be able to access and grade.

Grading Points Breakdown

Instrument #1: 30 points

Instrument #2: 30 points

Explanation on measurement: 15 points


As noted from prior week’s training video evaluation, ABC Company—a growing toy retail company intends to implement a training program about business ethics to prepare its organization for an expansion strategy, both domestically and internationally.  Presumably, the benefits of the training program for the employees are: new knowledge, skills and behaviors pertaining to business ethics issues.  On the other hand, for the company, it is…


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HRM 420 Homework Week 6 DeVry

Best HRM 420 Homework Week 6 DeVry

HRM 420 Homework Week 6 DeVry