HRM 420 Final Exam DeVry




HRM 420 Final Exam DeVry

 (TCOs 1, 8) Explain three essential differences between employee capabilities and company core competencies. Why is it important for a trainer to understand these differences? (Points : 35)

Core competencies refer to the behaviors that employees need in order to exceed and excel. These comprise the way that the organization wants its employees to…

(TCOs 2, 8) Explain the steps of SWOT analysis and its connection to needs assessment. Do a very basic SWOT on Starbucks or Disney (two items per letter) based on common information you have about either company. (Points : 40)

First, it must be determined how the SWOT analysis will be used or what the purpose for the analysis is. Next, a chart should be prepared. It can be a box that is divided into four sections, namely the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Under the…

(TCOs 3, 8) First, provide the meaning of the acronym SMART with respect to training goals. Then, consider these four training objectives. Rewrite them as two SMART training goals.
a) Write a valid sales contract that includes the verbiage required by lending agencies.
b) Use the Realtor commission program as a marketing tool to attract increased Realtor referrals, for both internal and external customers.
c) Validly execute the Realtor commission documentation upon closing the deal.
d) Explain and properly include the items in the PPI section of the contract. (Points : 40)

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable,…

2 SMART Training Goals:

Enable trainees to learn about writing a valid contract that includes the verbiage required by lending agencies and enable them to…

(TCOs 4, 5, 6) Explain, using cost, ROI, and strategic principles, why event-style training is falling more out of favor and why electronic-based, or e-training, is becoming more customary. Why do you think that younger generations favor e-training over event-style training? (Points : 40)

E-training is gaining more favor over event-style training because it is more convenient and more cost-effective, and scalable. From a strategic perspective, e-training can be more easily administered on a global workforce. This is especially important for…

(TCO 7) Explain how the use of training can go hand in hand with performance improvement plans, and give an example. What kind of performance improvement would NOT appropriately go hand in hand with training (provide an example)? (Points : 40)

Training can go hand in hand with performance improvement plans in that training can be provided to address gaps in the employees’ skills or to help an employee better perform a task that they are having a difficulty with. For example…

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HRM 420 Final Exam DeVry

Best HRM 420 Final Exam DeVry

HRM 420 Final Exam DeVry