HRM 420 Discussions Week 5 DeVry




HRM 420 Discussions Week 5 DeVry

HRM 420 Traditional Training Methods Discussions 1 Week 5 DeVry

Traditional learning methods include lectures, hands-on, on-the-job training, self-directed learning, apprenticeship, case studies, business games, role plays, behavior modeling, group building, cross and team training, and so forth. Your textbook covers these methods in detail in Chapter 7. For your first post, please consider some kind of training you have taken that falls into one of the types discussed in Chapter 7 (not Chapter 8, which comes in the other discussion).

Briefly describe the training and explain the method that was used. If you knew what the learning outcomes were for the training, provide those. If not, come up with one or two that you felt were probably the learning outcomes and provide them. Explain whether the training did or didn’t meet the learning outcomes. In other words, did you learn what it seemed like you were supposed to learn from the training? Did you feel this method of training worked for the training you were involved in? Your professor will follow up with more questions.

Please feel free to ask your classmates questions about their training as well. (If you have never had training at work, talk about some other kind of training you have had—sports related, the arts, etc.). Be sure not to use a technology-based training in this thread, because that is what we will discuss in the other thread. Only discuss traditional training, such as is covered in Chapter 7.  With respect to traditional learning, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the lecture, the case study and the behavior modeling? What are some methods for keeping trainees actively involved?…

HRM 420 Technology-Based Training Methods Discussions 2 Week 5 DeVry

Taking the topic you discussed in the other thread to start, explain how you would morph the traditional training you described, taking into account a technology-based training. Describe what technology method you would consider using as an alternative way to deliver the training you took and discussed in the other thread (perhaps this would be some hybrid of traditional and technology).

Do you feel that your new technology-styled training would have worked better or worse than the traditional training you took? Why? Do you think it would have been more or less cost effective to do the training in that way? Name at least one principle you would follow to create a positive technical learning experience in this technical training, and reply to your classmates’ ideas with other positive learning experiences that could occur in their trainings. Your professor will bring in more questions throughout the week. Return often!  Hands-on training using technology is moving quickly in many organizations. Besides the cost saving what other benefits are there?  What are the differences between expert systems and electronic performance tools?…


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HRM 420 Discussions Week 5 DeVry

Best HRM 420 Discussions Week 5 DeVry

HRM 420 Discussions Week 5 DeVry