HRM 420 Discussions Week 3 DeVry




HRM 420 Discussions Week 3 DeVry

HRM 420 Adult Learning Styles Discussions 1 Week 3 DeVry

Your textbook briefly discusses the work of Malcolm Knowles and David Kolb on adult learning theories. Using Internet research or our DeVry library, find an article (not Wikipedia) about one or the other’s theories (or both), and read the article. Explain in a one- to two-paragraph post something interesting you learned about how adults learn differently than children and how you would apply this knowledge to a training decision, method, or design. Cite your source please. Then reply to a classmate’s post with a question or feedback about how you think you would learn better because of the information that student brought to the thread. Throughout the week, your professor will ask further questions about how adult learning styles will impact your training designs and method selections. Come back frequently and join in the discussions.

After reviewing the four learning styles – diverger, assimilator, converger, or accommodator – which style do you feel best describe your style of learning, and why? Can you think of a time when you were involved in training that skipped a stage or stages or focused too heavily on just one? Explain your example and how you feel it impacted your training. What learning conditions are necessary for short- and long-term retention of training content to occur?…

HRM 420 SMART Training Goals and Objectives Discussions 2 Week 3 DeVry

Assume you are a manager in the HR department of McDonald’s. Review the SWOT analysis that was performed in the Week 2 Lecture. Utilizing that SWOT and the information about McDonald’s you are aware of from your own experiences eating there, determine a training need for McDonald’s that you think would improve its bottom line. For your first post (by Wednesday), identify the need for training you have identified, and write one training objective for that training need. Write the objective in the manner that is used in the lecture (using the three parts).

Then reply to at least one classmate’s learning objective with a SMART goal analysis. Analyze how you could take that training objective and make it SMART for future evaluation. Title your post with SMART analysis so your classmates and instructor know that is what you are doing. If you get confused, your professor or classmates will help.

Respond to one SMART reply of a classmate by creating the SMART goal. Return often and debate this with your classmates. Further respond, if you can, to questions your professor will ask about further thoughts or clarifications about your posts or your classmates’ posts. Title your post with SMART goal to differentiate this from the analysis. You don’t have to use the same student who you did the analysis on, but you can. Help out your classmates.

Having goals for training is as important as having a blueprint for the construction of a bridge or a building. Before you begin the development, it is important to know what your end result should look like and how you are going to get there. In other words, this is your roadmap for achieving your training goal.

For this week discussion, identify the need for training you have identified from your experience eating at McDonald and their SWOT we discussed last week, and write one training objective for that training need. Write the objective in the manner that is used in the lecture (using the three parts).

Training Objective: Clear statement of the training objective

  1. Performance or outcome desired: What improvement is expected?
  2. Criterion of performance: How will this improvement be determined?
  3. Condition: When will this improvement occur?

Based on your experience creating S.M.A.R.T., would you say that this tool would be only useful in a large organization, if so why or why not?…


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HRM 420 Discussions Week 3 DeVry

Best HRM 420 Discussions Week 3 DeVry

HRM 420 Discussions Week 3 DeVry