HRM 420 Discussions Week 2 DeVry




HRM 420 Discussions Week 2 DeVry

HRM 420 SWOT Analysis Discussions 1 Week 2 DeVry

Review the lecture discussing SWOT analysis before attempting to post to the thread. Then, please review the 10-K and/or current event information about a publicly traded organization. The Assignments page gives a link to the McDonald’s 10-K for 2012, but to find a 10-K, simply use the search engine of your choice, and in the query box, type in the name of the publicly traded company and 10-K. Review the first few sections of the 10-K and consider the statements there. Using the SWOT analysis format, create a mini-SWOT analysis based on the company’s 10-K and post here. Your SWOT should be posted by Wednesday. Then respond to at least two of your classmates’ SWOTs with at least two ideas on training needs that you think may exist based on your classmates’ SWOT analysis. Respond back to anyone who posts to your SWOT. Your instructor will participate as well and may have more questions. Your post should include the following.

  1. The name and ticker symbol of your company
  2. The link where you found the 10-K (use the most recent one for your company available)
  3. Information for your analysis organized under these headings (about three to four bullets each)

The SWOT analysis taken from our lecture on McDonald provides some interesting information. Do you agree with the content in the SWOT. If so, why or why not. Using this information, what type of training and development program needs to be developed?…

HRM 420 Needs Assessments Discussions 2 Week 2 DeVry

Review this article.
Lucier, K. H. (2008). A consultative training program: Collateral effect of a needs assessment. Communication Education. 57(4), 482–489. doi:10.1080/03634520802094305 (Academic Search Complete database)
Instructions on how to locate this article are on the Assignments page.

In your initial post, answer these questions based on your opinion of the actions of Lucier in the article, and utilize at least one concept from Chapter 3 of the textbook in analyzing the method Lucier used for needs assessment at the bank.

  1. What was the initial reason that Lucier was called in to consult with the bank’s employees and manager? Do you feel this is in line with a traditional style of conducting a training needs assessment? Why or why not? (Opinions on this will vary; include at least one statement by Noe in your answer to support your opinion.)
  2. Explain one needs assessment method that Lucier used to conduct her needs assessment. State how she did this, and whether you feel this was an appropriate or inappropriate method considering the job she was asked to do for the project. If appropriate, why do you think that way? If inappropriate, which method would you have tried and why?

Throughout the week, your instructor will ask you more questions about needs assessment. Respond to your classmates’ original posts as well with thoughtful follow-up questions to their considerations.

How did Ms. Lucier revise the training based on the information she found in the needs assessment? How did the combination of doing needs assessment with the creation of training content assist with making training more effective?  What needs assessment method would you use to assess the organization needs for training and development?…


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HRM 420 Discussions Week 2 DeVry

Best HRM 420 Discussions Week 2 DeVry

HRM 420 Discussions Week 2 DeVry