ENGL 230 Week 2 Discussions DeVry




ENGL 230 Week 2 Discussions DeVry

ENGL 230 Business Presentations Discussions 1 Week 2 DeVry

What are some common reasons for presentations in a business or professional setting?  What are some of the benefits of making or listening to presentations in the workplace? Why is public speaking frightening to you? List the techniques you use to overcome your fear of public speaking? What benefits and/or challenges have you experienced when giving professional presentations?…

ENGL 230 Public Speaking Discussions 2 Week 2 DeVry

How might you handle the following situations? You arrive to give your speech and are asked to speak for an hour instead of for thirty minutes because a second speaker has canceled. Someone interrupts you, saying that you are not speaking on the subject the audience has come to hear. What do you consider as “good” delivery? What delivery techniques work for you?…

ENGL 230 Business Presentations and Public Speaking Discussions Week 2 DeVry


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ENGL 230 Week 2 Discussions DeVry

Best ENGL 230 Week 2 Discussions DeVry

ENGL 230 Week 2 Discussions DeVry