ENGL 230 Week 1 Discussions DeVry




ENGL 230 Week 1 Discussions DeVry

ENGL 230 Communication Discussions 1 Week 1 DeVry

In your opinion, does the success-or failure-of an organization depend on how effectively its members communicate, or not? How do organizations establish goals? How can communication help an organization achieve its goals? What implications do the information age and globalization have for organizational communication? What barriers might exist in a company with offices all over the world? What barriers might exist in an organization that relies heavily on electronic forms of communication versus face-to-face communication?…

ENGL 230 Language Culture Discussions 2 Week 1 DeVry

What does the term “language culture” include, and how might you analyze your language culture? Who could help you? Which research or library sources could be informative? Every human being has a unique, personalized “language culture.” Your own language culture is built from all your life experiences, locations lived, groups spent time around, occupations, majors, hobbies, and more. (1) Can you explain your own language culture? (2) How can any language culture–your own or someone else’s–be analyzed and understood?  How you are perceived by your audience is a big part of communication. Have any of you ever had any misunderstandings that stemmed from cultural differences?…

ENGL 230 Communication and Language Culture Discussions Week 1 DeVry


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ENGL 230 Week 1 Discussions DeVry

Best ENGL 230 Week 1 Discussions DeVry

ENGL 230 Week 1 Discussions DeVry