ENGL 230 Quiz Week 6 DeVry




ENGL 230 Quiz Week 6 DeVry

(TCO 8) More than 90 percent of business organizations provide training in ___________ for their employees.

Telephone operation

Cash register operation

Interpersonal communication


(TCO 8) Which of the following could be an obstacle to the achievement of goals in the interview?

An uncomfortable setting and an inconvenient time for the interview

Sufficient preparation by the interviewer

The interviewee talking enthusiastically

Willingness to contribute on the part of the reviewer

(TCO 8) What three concepts bear on question meaning?

Clarity, relevance, and bias

Opening, body, and closing

Bias, sequence, and form

Alternatives, lists, and prestige

(TCO 8) The interviewer who asks him or herself such questions as “Will the interviewee know what the interview is about?” and “Will the interviewee want to participate in the interview?” is addressing which two components of the interview’s opening?

Orientation and motivation

First impressions and orientation

Credibility and motivation

(TCO 8) What form of question is the following: Do you believe that women should be allowed to take combat roles in the military?





(TCO 8) Which of Carl Rogers’s five response categories seeks to reassure, pacify, or reduce the interviewee’ s intensity of feeling?





(TCO 8) In a highly scheduled interview, the interviewer prepares an interview schedule that contains:

Potential topics and subtopics.

All major questions with possible probe questions under each major question. The questions are asked in the order in which they are listed, but the probes may or may not be used.

All of the questions that will be asked (including all probe questions) and the exact wording that will be used with each interviewee. Every interviewee received exactly the same questions in exactly the same order.
Not only all questions but also all answer options.

(TCO 8) Possible obstacles to a successful interview process may include:

Confusion and trauma.

Lack of courtesy and forgetfulness.

Distracting subconscious behaviors.

All of the above

(TCO 8) __________ is (are) the process of finding a job through personal contacts at other organizations.



Personal job application

Employee referrals
(TCO 8) Many companies receive as many as two hundred applicants for a job. Of that pool, ___________ candidates will be called for a first interview.

Twenty to thirty

Three to five

Twenty to twenty-five

Eight to ten

(TCO 8) __________ of the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of color, race, religion, sex, or national origin.

Amendment Fourteen

Title VII

Amendment Nineteen

Title IX

(TCO 8) In preparing for an interview, what does the interviewee do to learn as much about the potential employer as possible?

Research the company

Write a personal biography

Get work experience

Write a tailored cover letter

(TCO 8) The interviewee designs the résumé and cover letter based on __________ and on research about the company.

organizational structure

business purpose

personal biography

work experience
(TCO 8) If an applicant thinks she or he has been asked an illegal or discriminating question during an interview, what course of action should the applicant take?

Attempt a citizen’s arrest because the law requires the employer to prove that no discrimination took place.

Give a false answer to the question.

Refuse to answer the question.

Politely clarify the question, and place the ball back in the interviewer’s court.

(TCO 9) What type of feedback is most effective in motivating employees?

Mostly corrective

Negative only

Both corrective and supportive

Both positive and evaluative

(TCO 9) Which of the following discriminatory questions is considered illegal?

Do you qualify for minority status?

Can you work overtime?

Are you willing to relocate?

Have you been convicted of a felony?

(TCO 8) What makes an interview question effective?

An interview question will be effective if it brings…


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ENGL 230 Quiz Week 6 DeVry

Best ENGL 230 Quiz Week 6 DeVry

ENGL 230 Quiz Week 6 DeVry