ENGL 230 Quiz Week 3 DeVry




ENGL 230 Quiz Week 3 DeVry

(TCO 4) In adapting to listeners, speakers have to take into account the __________ levels of the audience.

Knowledge, acceptance, and interest

Acceptance, rejection, and intelligence

Knowledge, size, and range

Acceptance, size, and rejection

(TCO 4) Which type of presentation is designed to answer “How” questions, such as “How
does this work?”





(TCO 4) What presentations share information, shape perceptions, and set agendas?

Point by point




(TCO 4) What type of presentation educates listeners to help them gain or improve on specific skills?

Regular, scheduled meetings




(TCO 4) Descriptive presentations seek to satisfy audience members’ need to:

Have facts, figures, and other data

Learn how to do something

See how something works

Have order

(TCO 4) Successful informative presentations:

Motivate audience curiosity

Connect with audience values

Give audience members a reason to listen

All of the above

(TCO 4) How does the chronological pattern organize main points?

In order of importance

In a geographical sequence

In a time sequence

In a cause and effect sequence

(TCO 4) Which criterion should a speaker rely on in choosing the best pattern of organization for a presentation?

The goal of the presentation determines the pattern

The size of the audience determines the pattern

The length of the speech determines the pattern

The number of main points determines the pattern

(TCO 4) What type of informative presentation addresses “what” questions?





(TCO 4) Which of the following actions can a speaker take to help listeners best overcome their physiological noise?

Make sure that a microphone is present

Make sure the presentation is interesting and captivating

Make sure to use a range of voice inflections and pacing

Make sure to adjust the temperature in the room the night before

(TCO 5) Which type of persuasive presentation serves to maintain the status quo and strengthen the audience’s attitudes, values, and beliefs?


Call to action



(TCO 5) Maslow’s system of needs is based on the argument that __________ level needs must be satisfied before __________ level needs can be motivating factors.

Higher; lower

Larger; smaller

Lower; higher

Lower; lower

(TCO 5) What does the use of the listener’s perspective in a persuasive presentation mean?

Understanding what makes the listener tick

Understanding what motivates the speaker

Describing what makes the speaker tick to the audience

Relating to the audience on a new level

(TCO 5) __________ means an audience can be persuaded on the basis of who the source is or what the source said.


Source credibility



(TCO 5) Of the three components of source credibility, which deals with the way a source is perceived, in terms of being honest, friendly, warm, agreeable, or safe?





(TCO 5) One important way a speaker gains extrinsic credibility is through:

A forceful conclusion to the presentation

Citation of all sources of data

The strong introduction given about the speaker

Another speaker preceding the main speaker

(TCO 5) Speeches for special occasions in the workplace always require:

Senior executives

Formal attire


Focus on success

(TCO 5) Which of the following components is found in a persuasive presentation but should not be incorporated in an informative presentation?

Support material

Call to action


External sources

(TCO 5) In all public speaking situations, it is important to do which of the following?

Analyze the audience demographics

Identify the reasons for the audience members’ presence

Understand the organizational culture and environmental dynamics

All of the above

(TCO 5) When preparing an introduction, what question should the introducer always keep in mind?

Who is the speaker?

What will the speaker want me to say?

How long has the audience been there?

What is meaningful to this group?


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ENGL 230 Quiz Week 3 DeVry

Best ENGL 230 Quiz Week 3 DeVry

ENGL 230 Quiz Week 3 DeVry