Devry TC 160 Week 5 Assignment Latest




Devry TC 160 Week 5 Assignment Latest

Communication Paper

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Communication has always been a major part of our lives. We use communication to express our ideas, methods, objectives, and thoughts to people. This usually happens when we are face to face with people. We take advantage of communicating about business or talking with friends and family.When we are not able to communicate face to face, technology has allowed us to still communicate with one another. Throughout the centuries, we have seen technology rapidly change and improve the way we communicate with each other. We have witnessed an abundance of ways in which technology has vastly impacted our approach to communicating with one another. If anything, continuous upgrades and new inventions have provided society with more advanced ways of communicating with people. We can now reach people a lot more easily, which includes communicating long distance regardless of what part of the world that person is in.

Even with the great advancement of communication through technology, we still see a struggle throughout the world in places where it is difficult to communicate with others. Whether it is people living in remote areas, climate and weather conditions, or people not having the technological tools that are needed to communicate with others, there are still some hurdles that need to be leapt over before we can actually say that all of our communication issues have been resolved. Considering some of the challenges, pros and cons, and technological tools that are out there, which is the best way to communicate by way of utilizing technology?

In Week 3, you were asked to think about different technological tools for communication. The objective is to think, decide, and write a paper with a minimum of 850 words describing which technological tool(s) provide(s) the greatest impact for communicating in a global environment. Review the rubric for the assignment, which is due in Week 5.


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Devry TC 160 Week 5 Assignment Latest

Best Devry TC 160 Week 5 Assignment Latest

Devry TC 160 Week 5 Assignment Latest