Devry TC 160 All Week Discussions Latest




Devry TC 160 All Week Discussions Latest

Devry TC 160 Week 1 Discussions Latest

Computers’ Impact (graded)

Computers are now being used for a variety of reasons. Whether it is for pleasure or business, computers have dramatically changed society. Describe where, in your opinion, computers have had the greatest impact.

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Digital Technology Equipment (graded)

In the past 5 years, which particular digital technology has been most useful to its user, and what do you see the product doing for its users in the future?

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Devry TC 160 Week 2 Discussions Latest

Software for Your Favorite Tool (graded)

Focus on all the different kinds of technological tools that you have either tried or owned in your lifetime. Think about your favorite tool and determine the significance of its software.

Devry TC 160 Week 3 Discussions Latest

Creating Your Own Database (graded)

If given the opportunity to create your own database for your favorite technological tool, how would you go about doing so?

Maintenance (graded)

A record store is having a hard time determining how to organize its jazz albums. It wants to organize music based upon the musician’s last name. Tell us how you would go about creating a database table for it.

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Devry TC 160 Week 4 Discussions Latest

Positive and Negative Influence (graded)

The World Wide Web has provided an opportunity for both positive and negative influences to occur. Name and describe one positive and negative influence the World Wide Web has created.

World Wide Web (graded)

People may use the Internet to play games, shop, or conduct research. Tell us the reasons why you choose to utilize the World Wide Web, and discuss the importance of it.

Devry TC 160 Week 5 Discussions Latest

Networking (graded)

Businesses and individuals set up their computer network differently, based upon their capabilities, equipment, needs, and support. Analyze your personal and workplace network, and describe the similarit

Wireless Communication (graded)

Society has relied heavily on wireless communication. There are some people who have no awareness of communication that is not wireless. Provide three different forms of wireless communication, and describe how valuable they have been for society.
ies and difference between the two.

Devry TC 160 Week 6 Discussions Latest

Business and Pleasure (graded)

We have seen technology develop digital media and e-commerce into significant and profitable industries. People have been drawn into the progression of the two and are always pondering about how they will continue to change for entertainment within digital media and opportunities in e-commerce. Within the past 10 years, which has had the greatest influence on society?

Global Technology Rules (graded)

Technology has connected the world in a variety of different ways. It has given businesses and individuals a chance to network with people from all areas. At the same time, we have countries who have their own rules and regulations when it comes to utilizing technology. Do you believe technology should have a global set of rules and regulations that all businesses and individuals must abide by?

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Devry TC 160 Week 7 Discussions Latest

Systems Development Planning (graded)

A systems development planning can certainly benefit a company to develop features that would improve its efforts in reaching out to its customers. Think about a company that would benefit from a systems development planning. What would you recommend the company do in order to meet its goal

Potential Dangers and Security Measures (graded)

We have seen a good amount of cases where people have had their accounts hacked. Whether it is their e-mail, banking, social networking, or public records, there is still a fear out there about people being able to obtain precise information. What are you currently doing to help protect your accounts?


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Devry TC 160 All Week Discussions Latest

Best Devry TC 160 All Week Discussions Latest

Devry TC 160 All Week Discussions Latest