Devry SOCS 185n Week 2 Discussions latest




Devry SOCS 185n Week 2 Discussions latest

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The Changing Meaning of Symbols (graded)

Symbols can have more than one meaning.

  1. 1.The battle flag of the Confederate States of America is viewed by some as the rebel flag and is a symbol for individualism against authority.To others, it is a powerful symbol of repression, hate, and slavery.
  2. 2.Someone wearing the hat or jersey of their favorite team might be perceived as a gang member (friend or foe) because of the symbolic meaning of the colors to another group.
  3. 3.What examples can you think of where symbols can have more than one meaning?

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The Games Children Play… (graded)

In the article, “Games Children Play: An Exercise Illustrating Agents of Socialization” (Teaching Sociology, 26, April, 1998: 130-139).Davita Silfen Glasberg, Florence Maatita, Barbara Nangle, and Tracy Schauer pointed out that most introductory sociology textbooks identify the main socialization agents as family, peers, schools, media, work, and religion. “…what is far less often acknowledged is the contribution that children’s toys and games play in representing and reinforcing dominant conceptions of ‘appropriate’ social identities found in social discourse and in institutional arrangements.” Toys and games can allow us to experience the subtleties of race, class, gender, and political socialization that are embedded in play. Sometimes players may challenge and subvert these images and messages at the delight or disgust of other players.

What toys did you have as a child that you think of as agents of socialization? How did you use toys to understand relationships or prepare for new ones?


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Devry SOCS 185n Week 2 Discussions latest

Best Devry SOCS 185n Week 2 Discussions latest

Devry SOCS 185n Week 2 Discussions latest