Devry SOCS 185n Week 1 Assignment latest




Devry SOCS 185n Week 1 Assignment latest


Our decisions do not simply result from what philosophers call “free will.” Sociology teaches us that the social world guides our life choices in much the same way that the physical world guides influence our choice of clothing or the type of food we feel like eating.C. Wright Mills pointed to the power of what he called the sociological imagination to help us understand everyday events. As he saw it, society—not people’s personal failings—is the main cause of poverty and other social problems.

For this assignment explain how a personal problem can be caused by a larger social issue. It can be a problem that you, a friend or family member, or someone you have read about has experienced. Describe the situation, putting both the personal problem and the larger social issue in boldface, then explain the relationship in terms of cause and effect. Limit your response to a single double spaced page.

Category Points % Description
Understanding 10 25% Correctly identifying a personal problem and larger social issue
Analysis 20 50% Explaining the cause and effect relationship using proper terminology
Execution 10 25% Proper spelling, grammar, format and use of boldface
Total 40 100%

Submit your assignment to the Dropbox, located at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these”>step-by-step instructions.

See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due date information.


  • Introduce yourself to your instructor and to the rest of the class (not graded, but required)
  • Developing a Sociological Imagination (graded)
  • Stanford Prison Experiment (graded)
  • Q & A Forum for your questions and comments (not graded)

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Devry SOCS 185n Week 1 Assignment latest

Best Devry SOCS 185n Week 1 Assignment latest

Devry SOCS 185n Week 1 Assignment latest