DeVry SEC 571 Week 4 Discussions Latest



DeVry SEC 571 Week 4 Discussions Latest

DQ1 Network Services

Users are familiar with some network services such as HTTP (Hypertext Transport Protocol) – the Web; and SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) and POP (Post Office Protocol) – e-mail and instant messaging. But there are others like DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), DNS (Domain Name System), FTP (File Transport Protocol), NNTP (Network News Transport Protocol), Telnet, SSH (Secure Shell), SSL-TLS (Secure Sockets Layer-Transport Layer Security) and others that the average user may not have heard of.

Tell us more about these services. How do they figure into organizational security? What are the most recent threats against them? What are the risks associated with attacks against network services? What are possible consequences? What are specific controls and general best practices to mitigate risk?

Jump right in. Do a little research on some part of network service security and share with us your findings as well as your experiences and opinions. And, of course, please respond to your classmates’ posts with ideas, questions, comments, other perspectives, and so forth.

DQ2 Security Architecture

Before responding to this forum, be sure to read the section in this week’s lecture on security architecture.

Think about your organization’s security architecture. How much do you know about it? How much do other workers know? How easy is it to learn more? Does your perception of the organization’s security architecture seem appropriate for the mission and goals of the organization? How much management commitment to security do you sense?

Briefly describe your organization, but please DON’T reveal any specific security details that would compromise your organization’s security controls. Feel free to make up a name and even alter the products or services the organization offers to maintain its anonymity as needed. What we should discuss is the general nature of the business, your role, your view on the organization’s security architecture, and what you think the ideal security architecture should be for your organization.

As we get moving on this discussion, consider the ideas of your classmates. Would they be appropriate for your organization? Even if you don’t have much connection with the security activities in your company, what do you THINK would be appropriate?

As always, post early, post often, and address the posts of your classmates.


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DeVry SEC 571 Week 4 Discussions Latest

Best DeVry SEC 571 Week 4 Discussions Latest
DeVry SEC 571 Week 4 Discussions Latest


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