DeVry SEC 571 Week 3 Discussions Latest




DeVry SEC 571 Week 3 Discussions Latest

DQ1 Cryptographic Products

As we are learning, there are a lot of uses for cryptography in information technology, and there are a lot of different algorithms, cryptographic processes, key lengths, implementation methods, and so on. Let’s explore the world of cryptographic products. What’s available out there? What kind of quality is found in free, open-source products? What types of hardware devices? What types of software implementations? How are they used? What problems do they solve? How effective are they? How can you tell? What are the tradeoffs between security and business process efficiency?

Let’s start with everyone presenting one cryptographic product (past, present, or future). No duplications, please, so be sure to read all the previous posts. Then, respond to the posts of your classmates with questions, additional information, and so forth.

DQ2 Cryptographic Standards

Ever since World War II and the ensuing Cold War, cryptographic methods have been the source of much government angst.Protecting the information of one’s own government and accessing the data of other governments has been a preoccupation of many nations. With the growth of civilian computer networks in the 1980s and the development of Internet-based e-commerce in the 1990s, concerns about data security spread from governments to the public sector. The tension between the government’s goal of control of cryptographic methods and business’ need for internationally trustworthy security resulted in skirmishes between the two.

Let’s discuss the modern history of cryptography in terms of commercial-governmental tensions. What can you find out about this? What are the considerations when determining how to standardize cryptographic methods? How are cryptographic methods regulated? What are the different laws that govern the use of cryptography? Are they reasonable? Whose interests are most important when determining the extent to which cryptography should be standardized, regulated, and mandated?

Do a little research and see what you can come up with in one or more of these areas. And be sure to comment on the posts of your classmates.


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DeVry SEC 571 Week 3 Discussions Latest

Best DeVry SEC 571 Week 3 Discussions Latest

DeVry SEC 571 Week 3 Discussions Latest