DeVry PSYC 315 Week 2 Discussion Latest

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DeVry PSYC 315 Week 2 Discussion Latest

DQ1 The Influence of Culture

This discussion references the part of CO 3 that covers self in a social world. Culture is one of the two major independent variables that influences our self-concepts. Think of culture as a master script for our shared values, beliefs, ideas, and behaviors that is handed down from one generation to the next.

Individualism is an important cultural dimension in America. What is individualism, and how does it impact the way that we think of ourselves? Contrast your answer with the concept of collectivism and how it makes a person think of himself or herself.

DQ2 Attributing Cause and Effect

This discussion references CO4 with respect to impressions we form of ourselves and others.

Suppose your friend Lucy gets a hot last-minute deal on a 7-day trip to Cancun and misses the first 5 days of Week 3 in her online course at Chamberlain. As a result, she loses 15 of 30 discussion points, incurs a 30-point penalty for the late submission of an assignment that is worth 50 points, and also has so little time to study for the quiz that she earns only 55 of 100 possible points. You believe she was irresponsible, but you also are her friend. When she asks your opinion concerning the fact that the professor would not cut her a break, your response seems to be plagued by illusion of transparency discussed in Chapter 2. How has this social psychological concept impacted your response to her?



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DeVry PSYC 315 Week 2 Discussion Latest

Best DeVry PSYC 315 Week 2 Discussion Latest

DeVry PSYC 315 Week 2 Discussion Latest


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