Devry Proj 592 Week 2 Course Project Latest




Devry Proj 592 Week 2 Course Project Latest

Instructions and Guidelines

Course Project Part 1—Due Week 2
For Part 1 of the Course Project; assume you have been appointed project manager of a new project for your organization. Your first assignment is to create a scope statement and WBS for this project.

For this part of the Course Project, you select a project of your choosing. This selected project will be used in Project Part 1 and Project Part 2. I suggest you verify with your instructor the suitability of your selected project by the end of Week 1.

Select a project of personal interest. For example, select a project where you can identify realistic cost and scheduling concerns.


  • Opening a small retail storefront or a franchise
  • Building a house or small commercial building
  • Flipping a house with major improvements
  • A new product development
  • An IT implementation project

When selecting your project, keep in mind the goal of CP-1 is to create a scope statement and WBS. In Project Part 2, you will need to create a budget and schedule for this project. Choose something relatively straightforward.

Do NOT pick a home purchase, a remodel, a wedding, or a reunion, as they really don’t satisfy the project criteria.

When developing the WBS and in part 2 when developing the cost and schedule there are rules:

  • All resources required to do the project will get paid an appropriate wage
  • There will be a minimum of 5 people on the project team with additional people required to get the work done
  • The project timeline will be a minimum of 6 months
  • The project budget will be a minimum of $100,000.

The CP-1 Project Proposal will be structured with the following sections.

  • Cover page including assignment, project title, course, and student contact information
  • Executive summarythat summarizes the content from the entire document with quantifiable highlights, such as overall cost, duration, and so on
  • Project scope statement describing the project as defined in Chapter 5 of PMBOK
  • WBS with three levels, proper grouping, indenting, and coding for 25 to 40 line items

(If your report is missing sections it will probably lose points.)

Submission Requirements

  • The scope statement should be written following guidelines for writing a scope as found in the PMBOK® Guide in Chapter 5.
  • The WBS should be created in MS Projects following standard indent and outdent practices used in WBS creation.
  • The assignment should be submitted as two files: one MS Project file containing the project WBS and one MS Word file for the scope statement, Executive summary, and other elements.
    (Your MSP file should be saved so that the WBS will be visible when the file is opened.)
  • Don’t display your schedule by the day. Estimating by the day is fine and much work is best done that way. But when you display the Gantt chart it is too stretched out if you display it by the day. Condense the display with a week or month as the smallest unit on the chart.


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Devry Proj 592 Week 2 Course Project Latest

Best Devry Proj 592 Week 2 Course Project Latest

Devry Proj 592 Week 2 Course Project Latest