DeVry PROJ 420 All Week Discussions Latest




DeVry PROJ 420 All Week Discussions Latest

DeVry PROJ 420 Week 1 Discussions Latest

Why Should We Practice Risk Management? (graded)

In the course of our everyday activities, we take many risks. Some of them are very real to us and some we hardly notice. In the business world, risks can affect the company in many ways, even to the extent of causing it to go out of business. Now that you have read about risk management and the reasons for doing it and not doing it, let’s talk about the risks you face in your everyday life and why you would choose to do risk management.

The ATOM Risk Management Process (graded)

The ATOM Risk Management Process is designed to be a simple, scalable format for performing risk management that can be applied to any project. Why do you think that it is a benefit to carry out a risk management process?

DeVry PROJ 420 Week 2 Discussions Latest

The Initiation Step (graded)

The goal of the initiation step is to identify the project objectives. This is a different view from what has been accepted practice in risk management. Why do you think this is a better approach?

Risk Identification (graded)

The unknown risks are ones that we can’t identify because they have never happened. But they can affect the project as much and even more than those we can identify. How can we deal with this problem?

DeVry PROJ 420 Week 3 Discussions Latest

Risk Identification (graded)

The project charter usually will include assumptions about the risks the project will face. These assumptions may or may not be correct. Once the risks are identified, what do you think would be the way to verify or refute these assumptions?

This section lists options that can be used to view responses.

The Work Breakdown Structure (graded)

A work breakdown structure (WBS) provides the backbone of the project, giving it a consistent and visible framework. The WBS offers uniformity in definition and consistency of approach. Some might consider that uniformity a benefit; others might see it as restricting creativity. What do you think?

DeVry PROJ 420 Week 4 Discussions Latest

Communications (graded)

Communication is an essential element of all of the steps of the ATOM process. The Assessment step is no exception as we work through the classification of the risks. How would you describe the elements of communication that are essential to any interaction?

Risk Assessment – Probability and Impact (graded)

During Assessment, there may be differences in assessing the probability of a risk. How would you, as the workshop facilitator, help reach a consensus?

This section lists options that can be used to view responses.

DeVry PROJ 420 Week 5 Discussions Latest

Risk Response Planning (graded)

One of the key elements in building a risk response is appropriateness. How would you describe what this concept means? Think in terms of what it means to you, not what you have read about the idea.

Reporting (graded)

Reports are an essential part of communication, and as we have discussed, communication is best when it is targeted for its audience. You have the completed risk report and you will be presenting it to management. Will you present the whole report, parts of it, or a revised version? Explain your choice.

DeVry PROJ 420 Week 6 Discussions Latest

Implementation (graded)

During the course of the Implementation step, new risks may be identified or we may find secondary risks arising when dealing with identified risks that occur. As the person who identifies this new risk, what steps do you think you should take to get it managed?

Reviews (graded)

A major review is scheduled for the next milestone in the project and, as the Project Manager, you sense that the team feels that it is not necessary because the project is going well. How would you explain to them the importance of the review?

DeVry PROJ 420 Week 7 Discussions Latest

Post-Project Review (graded)

Given the structure of the review, what do you feel is the most important component? Explain why. What is its benefit to the process?

The ATOM Process (graded)

We have now covered the steps of the ATOM process. What is your opinion of the process as it relates to risk management? What are its benefits? What are its drawbacks?


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DeVry PROJ 420 All Week Discussions Latest

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DeVry PROJ 420 All Week Discussions Latest