DeVry NR 603 Week 8 Discussion Latest

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DeVry NR 603 Week 8 Discussion Latest


NR603 Advanced Clinical Diagnosis and Practice Across the Lifespan

Week 8 Discussion


Reflect back over the past eight weeks and describe how the achievement of the course outcomes in this course have prepared you to meet the MSN program outcome #4, the MSN Essential IV, and the Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies # 7.

Program Outcome #4: Integrate professional values through scholarship and service in health care. (Professional identity)

MSN Essential IV: Translating and Integrating Scholarship into Practice Recognize that the master’s-prepared nurse applies research outcomes within the practice setting, resolves practice problems, works as a change agent, and disseminates results.

Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies # 7

Health Delivery System Competencies

  1. 1.Applies knowledge of organizational practices and complex systems to improve health care delivery.
  2. 2.Effects health care change using broad based skills including negotiating, consensus-building, and


  1. 3.Minimizes risk to patients and providers at the individual and systems level.
  2. 4.Facilitates the development of health care systems that address the needs of culturally diverse

populations, providers, and other stakeholders.

  1. 5.Evaluates the impact of health care delivery on patients, providers, other stakeholders, and the


  1. 6.Analyzes organizational structure, functions and resources to improve the delivery of care.
  2. 7.Collaborates in planning for transitions across the continuum of care.



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DeVry NR 603 Week 8 Discussion Latest

Best DeVry NR 603 Week 8 Discussion Latest

DeVry NR 603 Week 8 Discussion Latest



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