DeVry NETW 590 Week 2 Quiz Latest



DeVry NETW 590 Week 2 Quiz Latest

Question 1

(TCO B) Which of the following is NOT a category of speech coding?

Waveform codecs

Multirate codecs

Hyperthreaded codecs

Source coding

Question 2

(TCO C) The three main components of SIP include _____.

the UA, the SIP Registrar, and the SIP Proxy Server

the gateway, the CLI, and the media decoder

the SDP, the Media Transport Protocol, and the Routing Table

the SIP, the SDP, and the TLA

Question 3

(TCO G) The H.323 standard _____.

assumes QoS is not supported

forms part of the SIP INVITE message

is designed for all forms of media

Both A and C

Question 4

(TCO G) The Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) _____.

unlike the name, does not actually control protocols

includes the MGC and the MG

is a component of the SIP protocol

is an end-to-end protocol

Question 5

(TCO C) What are some of the differences between SIP and H.323?

Question 6

(TCO G) Briefly describe the SDP (Session Description Protocol), and explain what it is used for.


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DeVry NETW 590 Week 2 Quiz Latest

Best DeVry NETW 590 Week 2 Quiz Latest
DeVry NETW 590 Week 2 Quiz Latest


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