DeVry NETW 590 Week 1 Quiz Latest




DeVry NETW 590 Week 1 Quiz Latest

Question 1

5 / 5 pts

(TCO A) A telephone switch _____.

reduces the number of dedicated lines between telephone subscribers

utilizes the concept of multiplexing

is capable of handling hundreds of calls simultaneously

All of the above

Question 2

0 / 5 pts

(TCO A) The PSTN uses a connection hierarchy that _____.

routes calls using a numbering scheme and signaling protocol

uses SS7, an important in-band signaling system

assumes all switches are directly connected to all other switches

is physically switched, rather than protocol-based

Question 3

5 / 5 pts

(TCO B) In the traditional PSTN, voice traffic was _____.

analog, at least for the last mile connection

digitized from the point of termination in the home

analog between trunked switches

switched via packets

Question 4

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(TCO B) Address discovery refers to _____.

a reverse phone directory look-up

determining the destination of the call after initiation

recording the sending address after the call is terminated

the national phone number database

Question 5

15 / 15 pts

(TCO A) What are trunks used for in the traditional PSTN?

Question 6

15 / 15 pts

(TCO B) What is the purpose of a VoIP gateway?


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DeVry NETW 590 Week 1 Quiz Latest

Best DeVry NETW 590 Week 1 Quiz Latest

DeVry NETW 590 Week 1 Quiz Latest