DeVry NETW 420 All Week Discussions Latest

DeVry NETW 420 All Week Discussions Latest


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DeVry NETW 420 All Week Discussions Latest

DeVry NETW 420 Week 1 Discussions Latest

Network Management (graded)

Discuss the term network management. Give a few examples of how network management can help an enterprise or service-provider increase revenue.

Network Management Systems (graded)

Use your favorite Internet search engine to look for a network management system. Present the network management system that you find for discussion on this thread. Give the class an idea of what the software does and how it is used.

DeVry NETW 420 Week 2 Discussions Latest

Components of a Network Management System (graded)

Discuss one of the basic components that makes up a network management system, and describe its role in the overall network management process.

iLab Experience (graded)

Discuss your experience with this week’s iLab. What part of the iLab did you find difficult or unclear? Post any questions or hints and tips on this week’s iLab. At a minimum, post three notes that highlight the key networking techniques, problems you had with this week’s lab, or helpful information for other students.

DeVry NETW 420 Week 3 Discussions Latest

Network Management Reference Model (graded)

In networking, we are familiar with a variety of reference models, including the well-known OSI reference model. Discuss the significance of using a sound network management reference model in an enterprise network management system.

SNMP Management (graded)

SNMP management is organized as two-tier management. Discuss the interactions between the manager process and an agent process.

DeVry NETW 420 Week 4 Discussions Latest

SNMP Management Transactions (graded)

Discuss different SNMP versions in terms of their popularity, ease of use, security, and implementation.

SNMP (graded)

What is an alarm? Discuss its role and importance in an enterprise network management design strategy.

DeVry NETW 420 Week 5 Discussions Latest

RMON (graded)

Discuss how remote monitoring network (RMON) benefits network management operations. Contrast RMON1 and RMON2 management information bases (MIB).

Network Management Tools (graded)

Network management basic tools are classified in three categories: status monitoring, traffic monitoring, and route monitoring.Select one of the basic tools categories, explain its function, and provide examples.

DeVry NETW 420 Week 6 Discussions Latest

Service-Level Agreement (graded)

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an SLA for an enterprise customer and service provider as it relates to the network management environment.

Oversubscription (graded)

Discuss what is meant by oversubscription and why it is important to the enterprise customer and the service provider as it relates to the network management system.

DeVry NETW 420 Week 7 Discussions Latest

Benefits of Network Management (graded)

Discuss network management challenges as it relates to WAN infrastructure.

Network Management Effectiveness (graded)

Discuss why some network management experts claim that network management is more than reducing the cost of ownership.Does this argument apply for both LAN and WAN infrastructures?


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DeVry NETW 420 All Week Discussions Latest

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DeVry NETW 420 All Week Discussions Latest


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