DeVry NETW 360 All Weeks Discussions Latest




DeVry NETW 360 All Weeks Discussions Latest


DeVry NETW 360 Week 1 Discussions Latest

Characteristics of EM Wave Propagation (graded)

Describe the categories of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum and their properties. Discuss the relationship between wave frequencies and the propagation behaviors of these waves, such as ground-wave propagation, sky-wave propagation, and line-of-sight propagation.

Wireless Networks and Technologies (graded)

Differentiate the following four types of wireless networks: wireless personal area network (WPAN), wireless local area network (WLAN), wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN), and wireless wide area network (WWAN). Discuss wireless technologies for each of these categories.

DeVry NETW 360 Week 2 Discussions Latest

WLAN Devices and Frequency Bands (graded)

What are some of the commonly seen WLAN devices? What role does each of them play in creating the WLAN network infrastructure?


Types of Antennas (graded)

Compare three categories of antennas: omni-directional, semi-directional, and highly-directional.
What are some of the antennas in each category? What are their characteristics (e.g., radiation pattern, antenna gain, and beamwidth) and applications?

DeVry NETW 360 Week 3 Discussions Latest

Unlicensed Bands (graded)

Why did the FCC create unlicensed bands? What unlicensed bands are allocated for WLANs and how are they used? What are some of the difficulties faced by unlicensed bands?


WLAN Physical (PHY) Layer Standards (graded)

Compare the WLAN PHY standards, especially with respect to their frequency band, channel width, number of channels, transmission speed, modulation mechanism, and spread spectrum technology.
Discuss how physical layer changes have contributed to transmission speeds exploding from one generation of WLAN device to the next.

DeVry NETW 360 Week 4 Discussions Latest

WLAN MAC Frames (graded)

What MAC frames are used by wireless clients to discover a WLAN? Is disabling the broadcast of SSID (or network name) truly effective in hiding a WLAN from wardriving? What MAC frames are exchanged between a wireless client and access point when the client is joining a WLAN?

Contention Channel Access (graded)

Explain why collision avoidance, instead of collision detection, is the philosophy of WLAN’s contention channel access method.
When multiple devices transmit on a WLAN, how do they contend with each other to use the network medium? Explain the role of backoff interval, frame acknowledgement (ACK), request to send (RTS)/clear to send (CTS), fragmentation, and interframe space (IFS) in reducing collision on WLANs.

DeVry NETW 360 Week 5 Discussions Latest

WLAN Transmission Impediments (graded)

Discuss the impediments (e.g., wall material, obstacles, etc.) that would affect indoor and outdoor WLAN transmissions.What are some of the techniques one could use to mitigate the negative effects?


Site Survey (graded)

How valuable would a site survey be to WLAN planning? Some would argue that the cost of access points is so low now that site surveys are not worth the time. What do you think? Discuss common ways of conducting a site survey.


DeVry NETW 360 Week 6 Discussions Latest

Common WLAN Attacks (graded)

Discuss common WLAN attack methods, such as eavesdropping, denial of service (DoS), man-in-the-middle, encryption cracking, and management interface exploits. Propose defensive mechanisms against such attacks.


WLAN Security Best Practices (graded)

What are the well-known WLAN security methods? Which wireless security method do you consider the best for businesses? Which one is the most recommended for home networks?

DeVry NETW 360 Week 7 Discussions Latest

Layer 2 Retransmission (graded)

Why is excessive layer 2 retransmission on WLANs undesirable? What could cause layer 2 retransmission in an indoor environment? Discuss possible solutions for each type of problem.


WLAN Troubleshooting Tools (graded)

Discuss the importance of packet analyzers and spectrum analyzers in WLAN troubleshooting. Describe how such tools are used to identity and verify potential problems on WLANs.


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DeVry NETW 360 All Weeks Discussions Latest

Best DeVry NETW 360 All Weeks Discussions Latest

DeVry NETW 360 All Weeks Discussions Latest