DeVry MKTG 578 Final Exam Latest




DeVry MKTG 578 Final Exam Latest


MKTG578 Consumer Behavior FINAL

The final exam is open book, open note. It is comprehensive of the course, reflective of each of our TCO’s, readings, and topics covered in the course.

Grading of answers will be based on the identification of key issues, quality of analysis, and consistency of the problem resolution to the issues and analysis. It evaluates knowledge and comprehension; application and analysis; synthesis and evaluation of the concepts related to Consumer Behavior.

There are 9 questions on the test (4 Multiple Choice and 5 Essay). You will have up to 3.5 hours to complete the exam.

Remember that if you have any technical problems during your final exam, you should directly contact the Help Desk as quickly as possible. Also keep in mind that, if you wait until the last day to take your final exam, technical problems might not get resolved in time for the deadline.

It is recommended that you save your answers by clicking on the SAVE button every five minutes. Be sure that you click on the correct button, as once you have clicked on “submit,” your Final Exam has been submitted for my evaluation.

Success rests on understanding the questions: please, know what is being asked of you. Answer THAT question and avoid going off on unnecessary tangents. In responding to essay questions, be sure to support your answers with discussion of relevant concepts and brief examples(when appropriate to make your point). Try to answer all parts of each question, using as much detail as possible, showing that you understand the question and the referenced material fully in order to earn maximum points. Write as much as you think is necessary and pertinent to the topic, again keeping in mind the relative point value of the question.


**will post/attach final exam questions as soon as a tutor accepts this since it is timed. between the tutor and I there is only 3.5 hours for the tutor to answer it and me to actually put the answers the tutor gives me in the online exam. So once i open the exam the time starts going down. Don’t want to open it until I know someone is willing to help


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DeVry MKTG 578 Final Exam Latest

Best DeVry MKTG 578 Final Exam Latest

DeVry MKTG 578 Final Exam Latest