Devry MGMT 550 Final Exam Latest



Devry MGMT 550 Final Exam Latest

Question 1 25 pts

(TCO A) Name at least three keys to better listening. Provide an example of a conversation in which you could have used better listening skills. Why are good listening skills important to building strong relationships with employees and clients?

Question 2 25 pts

(TCO A) Your company has just purchased an adjoining building. Its first initiative is to build a childcare center on the ground floor. As human resources manager, you have been given the task of inviting affected employees to a meeting to help plan the new center.First you have to analyze your audience. Who is your target audience? What is your relationship with the audience? How will the audience likely react? What does the audience already know? What is unique about the audience?

Question 3 25 pts

(TCO A) Explain each of the three steps used to interpret the data you gather through research: isolation, context, and synthesis.

Question 4 25 pts

(TCO B) In your company, your boss would be very upset if you were late to work or late for a meeting. Is this concept of acceptable time and being on time the same worldwide? How would this affect communication between your company and another in the Middle East (for instance)? Please provide an example.

Question 5 25 pts

(TCO C) Most business presentations have one of four purposes. What are they and why is it so important to have a specific purpose for the presentation?

Question 6 25 pts

(TCO D) How would you respond to a claim by a customer for something that is clearly not your company’s fault? Customer Joe Samuel forgot to cancel his hotel reservation. When he received his credit card bill, he saw that he was charged for a night that he did not spend in the hotel. He was clearly upset. Instead of contacting customer service or the hotel, he went to the Internet and started blogging his complaints on the travel websites and Twitter.

How would you handle this situation? How would you resolve the issue and respond to the customer’s concerns both personally and online? What would you say?

Question 7 25 pts

(TCO E) As the sales manager, you have eight sales associates and one administrative assistant working for you. You have asked your assistant to make the arrangements for you and your sales group to attend a trade show. The day before the event, one of your sales associates becomes ill and will not be able to attend.

Your assistant asks if he may go with you. Instead of giving an immediate answer, you ask for time to consider his request. Having everyone out of the office at once is not an option. Who will take any sales calls that may come in? Your department’s phones must be covered while you are all away. You have decided not to approve his request.

How do you reject a request? What should you say? What type of buffer can you use to soften the blow of the rejection?

Question 8 25 pts

(TCO F) What is the purpose of the cover letter? What kind of information should be included in your cover letter? What tone should the letter use?

Question 9 25 pts

(TCO G) Now that you have completed your PowerPoint slides and your presentation, is there anything that you would have done differently? Would you have chosen a different way to design your presentation slides? What advice would you give others trying to do a presentation?

Question 10 25 pts

(TCO H) Your XYZ Company just purchased SKY Company, with offices in Madrid and Paris. The marketing managers from these offices are now a part of your marketing team. You have been instructed to take part in a joint marketing meeting at the Paris office.What possible cultural differences must be taken into consideration? What other intercultural communication issues might be a problem?

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Devry MGMT 550 Final Exam Latest

Best Devry MGMT 550 Final Exam Latest
Devry MGMT 550 Final Exam Latest


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