DeVry JADM 490 Week 1 Discussions Latest

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DeVry JADM 490 Week 1 Discussions Latest



Week 1 Discussion


Notwithstanding the issue you chose to highlight in your assignment, what do you think are the three most critical criminal justice issues that need to be addressed in the 21st century? Why did you choose these issues? What difficulties can you see to resolving these issues?


We have access to more information from more sources than at any other time in history. How do you know which source will give you accurate and factual information? Should you just blindly accept that what the media tells you is factual? Choose a national criminal justice story reported within the last two weeks. Maybe you read an article in your local newspaper or heard about it on a news broadcast. Take some notes from that initial source. Investigate two other sources and how they have reported on the story.

If you read about it in a newspaper, watch Crime Watch Daily, Nancy Grace, or CNN to see how they report it. If you saw a broadcast about the story, investigate print media sources to see how they reported on the issue (your local newspaper, Time, Newsweek, the New York Times, or the Washington Post, on their websites or through the library). Compare sources and report to the class in the discussions how those sources differed in what they reported. Your first post for the week can be your discussion of the issue and what you learned in the first source; your remaining posts can point out the differences between your sources. Also, be sure to address if you were surprised by how different sources reported the story. Why were the accounts different? Why do you think some facts were emphasized on some sources and not others?


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DeVry JADM 490 Week 1 Discussions Latest

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DeVry JADM 490 Week 1 Discussions Latest


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