Devry HRM 430 All Week Discussions Latest




Devry HRM 430 All Week Discussions Latest

Devry HRM 430 Week 1 Discussion dq 1& dq 2 latest

dq 1

Compensation System (graded)

Discuss the general goals of an organization’s compensation system, including how a compensation strategy works to support the organization’s business strategy.

dq 2

Unions and Compensation (graded)

Explain how you would partner with a union in creating a compensation strategy (you do not have to have worked in a union or been a union member to respond to this question). Describe how the FLSA, union, and employer work together in support of employee wages.

Devry HRM 430 Week 2 Discussion dq 1& dq 2 latest

dq 1

Merit Pay (graded)

Define the concept of merit pay and the advantages and limitations of a merit pay system.

dq 2

Incentive Plans (graded)

Discuss how incentive pay plans, both individual and group, motivate employees to achieve high levels of performance. Offer one individual and group incentive pay strategy that would work best in your organization.

Devry HRM 430 Week 3 Discussion dq 1& dq 2 latest

dq 1

Market Competitive System (graded)

Discuss the basic building blocks of a market competitive pay system, including the relationship between internal and external equity.

dq 2

Job Evaluation (graded)

Provide a brief overview of the job evaluation process, including the importance of compensable factors. Detail the compensable factors of a position you are familiar with and their impact on that position’s salary.

Devry HRM 430 Week 4 Discussion dq 1& dq 2 latest

dq 1

Legally Required Benefits (graded)

Provide a general overview of legally required benefits, including their purpose in society.

dq 2

Role of Benefits (graded)

Discuss the role of benefits in compensation. Review the primary reasons an organization provides benefits to its employees; predict future trends in relation to employee benefits.

Devry HRM 430 Week 5 Discussion dq 1& dq 2 latest

dq 1

Employee Benefits (graded)

Employers offer a large variety of benefits. In recent years, we have seen some of those benefit offerings reduced. What benefit trends are you seeing with employers? What impact do you feel these changes will have long term?

dq 2

Retirement Programs (graded)

In the United States, we have seen a trend towards defined compensation programs from defined benefit programs. Many employers have moved in this direction to help them be more competitive. What are some reasons that these benefit programs are offered? How are they designed? What are some trends that you see with the design of the programs?

Devry HRM 430 Week 6 Discussion dq 1& dq 2 latest


Executive Pay (graded)

Contrast executive pay with nonexecutive pay, including a discussion on executive core and deferred compensation packages.

dq 2

Contingent Workers (graded)

Contingent workers are assuming a greater role in today’s organization. With that as a background, discuss compensation and benefit issues associated with the following workers: part time, temporary, independent, and flexible/telecommuting.

Devry HRM 430 Week 7 Discussion dq 1& dq 2 latest

dq 1

Compensating Expatriates (graded)

Companies have a variety of factors to consider when looking at compensating expatriates. What goes into this discussion? What are some common methods of payment, and how are they used?

dq 2

Benefits in Other Countries (graded)

Compare the benefits provided within the United States to those offered in other countries. What is different in terms of benefit offerings and benefits funding?


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Devry HRM 430 All Week Discussions Latest

Best Devry HRM 430 All Week Discussions Latest

Devry HRM 430 All Week Discussions Latest