DeVry GSCM 330 Week 1 Quiz Latest




DeVry GSCM 330 Week 1 Quiz Latest

<pstyle=”color: rgb(0,=”” 0,=”” 0);=”” font-size:=”” 12px;”=”” style=”box-sizing: border-box; user-select: initial !important;”>TCO 7s and 8) The forecasting method that uses three different types of participants is the

: jury of executive opinion.

Delphi method.

sales force composite.

exponential smoothing.

consumer market survey.

Question 2. Question :

(TCOs 7 and 8) A characteristic of time series data that it is not possible to forecast is which of the following?

: Trends


Random variation



Question 3. Question :

(TCOs 6 and 8) Frosty’s Snow Cones uses a weighted moving average method to forecast snow cone sales. It assigns a weight of five to the previous month’s demand, three to demand 2 months ago, and one to demand 3 months ago. If sales amounted to 1,000 snow cones in May, 2,200 snow cones in June, and 3,000 snow cones in July, what should be the forecast for August?

: 2,405





Question 4. Question :

(TCOs 6 and 8) Monthly sales of sandwiches at the neighborhood bar and grill are in the table below. Based on this data, forecast month nine using a 4-week moving average.

Month Sales
1 415
2 389
3 420
4 382
5 410
6 432
7 405
8 421

Question 5. Question :

(TCOs 6 and 8) Forecasts used for planning purchasing, job scheduling, workforce levels, job assignments, and production levels typically utilize a

: long-range forecast.

medium-range forecast.

naïve method.

short-range forecast.

None of the above

Question 6. Question :

(TCOs 6 and 8) The three major types of forecasts are

: sales, production, and budget.

political, social, and behavioral.

economic, technological, and demand.

economic, production, and sales.

None of the above


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DeVry GSCM 330 Week 1 Quiz Latest

Best DeVry GSCM 330 Week 1 Quiz Latest

DeVry GSCM 330 Week 1 Quiz Latest