DeVry FIN 351 Course Project Latest




DeVry FIN 351 Course Project Latest


Select an industry and a company within the selected industry to complete a comprehensive analysis. Develop a well-written paper focusing on fundamental and technical research. The goal is to obtain a better understanding of the financial analysis process by studying public information and market data to make informed investment decisions.


Course Project Progression: Review the recommended milestones in the weekly Assignment tabs towards completing your Course Project, which is due Week 6.

Course Project Submission: Your Course Project is due Week 6. Please submit your assignment to the Course Project Dropbox located in Week 6 (150 points). Late papers will not be accepted. You need to work on your Course Project as we move through the course, and I need adequate time to read and grade each paper to give it the attention it deserves.

Course Project Requirements: Your Course Project consists of valuing a firm using fundamental and technical analyses and presenting your investment recommendation. Your course project will consist of a 5-6 page paper following APA format and will include at least one graphic (refer to the line chart under technical analysis below). The project should include a title page, introduction, analysis, graphic(s), conclusion, and reference page.

Fundamental Analysis: You will prepare a top-down fundamental analysis that covers economic, industry, company, and financial analysis (Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8). The analysis should parallel the type of analysis conducted by a professional security analyst (although not with the same degree of rigor).

  • Economic analysis (Chapter 5): Your paper must cover curr

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DeVry FIN 351 Course Project Latest

Best DeVry FIN 351 Course Project Latest

DeVry FIN 351 Course Project Latest