DeVry ENGL 092 Week 3 and Week 4 Discussions Latest




DeVry ENGL 092 Week 3 and Week 4 Discussions Latest


Week 3

Earth-Sun Relationships (graded)

Read “Earth-Sun Relationships” by Frederick K. Lutgens and Edward J. Tarbuck (located in Chapter 12, beginning on page 552).

Preview the reading by reading the introduction, the headings, and the first sentence of each paragraph. Employ your five active reading strategies and read the essay.

How did you used the five active reading strategies to help you understand the reading: Prediction, Questioning, Visualizing, Making Connections, Summarizing?

• What did you predict from the title?
• Give one or two examples of what you visualized as you read the text.
• Did you make connections to your own experience and knowledge of meteorology?
• What was unfamiliar in the text that you questioned or wondered about?
• Write a one or two sentence summary of what you think Lutgens and Tarbuck want the readers to understand about the relationship between the earth and the sun.

Please put your answers in the thread and in the Dropbox.



Vocabulary (graded)

Please read the Week 3 “Reading Module #2”.

What are the definitions of the following words:
1. Root Word
2. Prefix
3. Suffix
4. Context Clues
5. Synonym
6. Antonym
7. Inference
Please put your definitions in the thread and the Dropbox.

Next, watch the video at the bottom of the page of the Reading Module #2. After watching it, watch the five little video presentations that you’ll find under the main video box. You do not need to do the “On Your Own Exercises#1”.

Please read pages 541-544 and answer the following questions:
1. What is a Literal Meaning?
2. What is a Connotative Meaning?
3. What is a simile?
4. What is a metaphor?
Write a sentence using a simile and another sentence using a metaphor.

Read “The Power of Advertising” by Elliot Aronson, Timothy D. Wilson, and Robin M. Akert on pages 676-680.Please answer questions 1-4 in Exercise 2.that you will find at the end of the essay. (I suggest you read the questions before you read the essay.)

Lastly, please write an honest assessment in the Journal as to how this class is going for you, including any suggestions. It will help me to help you!


Week 4


Read the Week 4 Lecture (graded)

Please read the Week 4 Lecture and tell me the three components of a good essay.

Be sure to do the two “Expert Says” exercises. How did you do?

Please watch the extra videos at the end of the lecture.

Once you have done these things, do the hand-out on subject-verb agreement I will give you. We will correct these exercises in class together.

The Dropbox awaits you!


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DeVry ENGL 092 Week 3 and Week 4 Discussions Latest

Best DeVry ENGL 092 Week 3 and Week 4 Discussions Latest

DeVry ENGL 092 Week 3 and Week 4 Discussions Latest