DeVry CRMJ 415 Week 6 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest




DeVry CRMJ 415 Week 6 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest

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Cognitive Deviance: Doomsday Cults (graded)

Doomsday cults have certain unconventional beliefs about the future. But did you know that most doomsday cults started as harmless attempts to improve people’s life? Some such groups even had their beginnings as well-meaning charitable organizations. For this week’s first discussion review the material available from creditable sources on Marshall Applewhite’s Heaven’s Gate cult and provide a brief summary of what you learn. Next review the material on The People’s Temple and Reverend James Warren Jones, and then compare and contrast the two cults. Include in your response information as to how cults such as these develop over time and how it is people follow their prophets with little or no question as to the reasoning behind the decisions they make or the intended outcome these prophets envision.

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Mental Deviance: The Crazy Role (graded)

Formal labeling by authority figures and informal labeling by caregivers and peers sets the stage for what is commonly known as the self-fulfilling prophecy. Labeling theory, as it pertains to crime and deviance, posits there are two stages involved in this outcome. The first is titled primary deviance and involves a process by which individuals are initially labeled as someone others believe to be deviant. The second stage, the one aligned more directly with the self-fulfilling prophecy, involves a process by which the actor accepts the label and proceeds to develop a corresponding attitude that supports a deviant lifestyle. For this discussion, address the importance of limiting the impact labeling has on the self-fulfilling prophecy and how this prophecy contributes to deviance. In a follow-up post, explain the relationship of self-esteem to the self-fulfilling prophecy and the impact low self-esteem has on forming positive definitions toward deviance.


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DeVry CRMJ 415 Week 6 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest

Best DeVry CRMJ 415 Week 6 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest

DeVry CRMJ 415 Week 6 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest