DeVry CRMJ 415 Week 1, 2 & 6 Course Project Part 1,2,3 Latest



DeVry CRMJ 415 Week 1, 2 & 6 Course Project Part 1,2,3 Latest

CRMJ 415 Course Project

Deviance Literature Review

Comprehensive Guidelines

Objectives: This three-part project will give you an opportunity to experience the beginning of a research study by conducting a literature review of a deviance topic of your choice.The purpose of a literature review is to inform the researcher about what the state of theory development is with respect to his or her target study topic.This knowledge then becomes the basis for constructing a research methodology.The project is foundational to understanding how theory is formulated and relates directly to the first three TCOs.The topic that you choose will relate to at least one additional TCO.

A literature review is a form of secondary research in which one reviews and analyzes data that come from intellectual work previously done by others in the chosen topic area.Sources of data include articles in peer-reviewed scholarly journals, court decisions, statutes, personal narratives, government review articles, professional publications(frequently referred to as trade journals) in a related field of practice, newspaper articles in reputable national daily newspapers, book chapters from academic sources, and Internet articles from professionally credible organizations.Learning to conduct and write up a good literature review is a valuable academic skill.

Guidelines:Your Course Project is processed in three parts in Weeks 1, 2, and 6.These weeks are the three milestones.Always submit the required work through the Dropboxes for the specified weeks.Look for detailed instructions in the Assignmentspage of the specified weeks and also in Doc Sharing for a copy of the comprehensive guidelines.

Summary of point structure for three-part Course Project

Week 1 Assignment Topic Choice 10 points

Week 2 Assignment Short Article Analysis 40 points

Week 5 Optional Rough draft review none

Week 6 Assignment Literature Review155 points

205 points

Milestone 1 (Week 1)

Topic Choice (10 points):Choose a specific category of deviance that interests you (you are not limited to types of deviance mentioned in the text).One good way to locate a topic is to skim the table of contents or the subject index of our course textbook.The next step involves searching EBSCOHost in the DeVry Online Library and credible resources from the Internet.Did you find at least 8 or 10 articles, which would suggest there is enough information for a literature review?If not, go through the process with another topic.

Note 1:For Internet website credibility standards, see Doc Sharing for guidelines.

Note 2:This assignment will become the introduction in your literature review due in Week 6.

Note 3:You will be using external sources of information and are therefore required to use citations.

Note 4:You must use Microsoft Word in 10-point font.You may single-space your content, because this is an informal document.However, when it is incorporated into the final literature review, you will need to double-space this content.

Graded Product:Write a 150- to 200-word informal report.Identify the topic you chose, describe it briefly, and report what you found out about the availability of material for a literature review from your preliminary investigation.

Here is an example of a topic choice write-up, which contains 169 words, including the citation.

Deviance Topic Choice

I am interested in cults, sometimes called new religion movements, which exist on the margins of mainstream society because they have rituals, beliefs, and practices that are different enough to be perceived by society as threatening to social order and therefore deviant (Myers, 2010).

A Google search using the term cultsresulted in 4.35 million hits.I scanned the first three pages of links and observed that there were at least 10 websites that could potentially be used in my project after assessing their credibility.An EBSCOHost Basic search of Academic Search Premier using the same term resulted in nearly 4400 hits, of which at least three on the first page appeared to be potentially useful for my literature review.

I have concluded that there are enough information resources available to meet the requirements for the literature review project, which specifies that at least nine credible information resources must be reviewed, analyzed, and reported.

Reference Cited

Myers, D. (2010).Social psychology (10thed.).New York: McGraw-Hill.

The Topic Choice assignment will be marked as follows.

7 points (clarity and organization of content)

3 points (proper APA citation format)

10 points

Upload the report document to the Week 1 Dropbox by no later than the close of Week 1 on Sunday.

Milestone 2 (Week 2)

Short Article Analysis (35 points):From your Week 1 work, you will know where to find articles about your chosen topic.Retrieve full texts of three of these articles, including at least one from EBSCOHost in the DeVry Online Library.The article contents are the data for your Week 2 homework.

Note 1: You must assess the website-based articles for credibility, and there is a link to an article explaining how to do this in the Webliography.

Note2:This assignment will eventually become the part of your final literature review.Your References Cited section will grow as your project proceeds.

Note 3:You must use Microsoft Word and double-space in 10-point font.

Graded Product:Write a summary of the contents of each of the three articles, and report the general theme or themes you have discovered.This can be done in less than 300 words, including citations in APA format within the text and at the end of your analysis.

Except that it is not double-spaced as will be required in your actual assignment submission, the structure could be something like this example about cults, which contains 270 words (inclusive of citations).

Short Article Analysis: Cults as Deviance

The first article about cults that I selected revealed that these organizations are lead by a charismatic person who believes the mainstream culture is evil and attracts followers to his or her radical ideas about an alternative lifestyle.These followers are isolated from mainstream society by the leader and easily influenced towards actions and beliefs that represent deviance from established social norms (Myers, 2010, p. 271–273).The second article that I looked at pointed out that cults will inevitably be subjected to social control attempts by authorities because they are perceived as dangerous to social order (Gardener, 1997).

The last article that I consulted was about how cult members are subjected to social control by the cult leader; once a member of the cult, the person is expected to be a committed advocate for the cult and demonstrate his or her loyalty, even if that means following the leader into death (Unknown, 2000).From these three articles, I conclude that a cult is perceived as a dangerous type of deviant group by society and subject to interventions by authorities.At the same time, the internal climate of the cult does not tolerate noncompliance by members, which would represent another form of deviance from the group norms within the cult.

References Cited

Gardner, M. (1997).Heaven’s gate: The UFO cult of Bo and Peep, in Skeptical Inquirer, July/August(15–17).

Myers, D. (2010).Social psychology(10th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.

Unknown. (2000).Ugandan sect commits fiery mass suicide.The Christian Century,117(11), 386.Retrieved from EBSCOHost database.(Document ID: 52220735).

The Short Article Analysis will be marked as follows.

10 points (explanation of topic chosen)

20 points (analysis and description of article contents)

10 points (proper use of APA format for citations)

40 points

Upload the analysis document to the Week 2 Dropbox by no later than the close of Week 2 on Sunday.

Week 5 (Optional):You are strongly encouraged to create a rough draft of your Course Project and submit it to your instructor by e-mail so that he or she can give you constructive feedback as needed.

Milestone #3 (Week 6)

Literature Review (155 points):Your final product incorporates the work that you did in Weeks 1 and 2 into a larger document that builds on the earlier material.

Locate not less than six additional articles from the sources located in the overview of the project above.You may also use the Goode textbook as one information resource.If you choose to use Internet articles, they cannot be from dictionary, encyclopedia, or article search websites like Find Article.Blogs, Wikipedia, and the websites of other universities are strictly off limits, according to DeVry policy.Your literature review must thus contain at least nine credible information resources.Remember to assess the credibility of any Internet resource used.

Note 1:As a general guideline, it takes at least 1,000 words to produce a satisfactory document that is worthy of the 155 points available for this final part of the Course Project.You are free to write more if you perceive that additional content is necessary to produce a document that is satisfactory to you.

Note 2:Your document must be done in Microsoft Word, double-spaced, and in 10-point font.

Note 3:CAUTION:The literature review is subject to being evaluated for originality.DeVry instructors obtain an originality score from that is used as a measure of how much of your document is your own original writing.Conversely, it measures how much of your content is lifted moreorless directly from the intellectual property of another person, which constitutes plagiarism.As you know, plagiarism is a potentially serious academic offence, so you will want to familiarize yourself again with the Syllabus in Course Home where this is discussed.

Graded Product:The literature review should represent your best academic writing and work. Pay careful attention to paragraphing, sentence structure, quotation conventions, spelling, grammar, organization, punctuation, citation protocol, and other aspects of style and content. Remember to proofread thoroughly.

A recommended structure for your literature review would be as follows.

Suggested length of section Suggested Section Subheading Comments
One page Title page Title of paper and your name
Contents of your Week 1 assignment, Topic Choice Introduction What topic did you choose, and what is the state of knowledge about it?
Contents of your Week 2 assignment, Short
Article Analysis, plus six additional articles—length as needed
Article Descriptions Provide a description of the contents of nine articles you have collected.
At least three paragraphs Analysis and Findings What are the themes in your group of articles?What theories of deviance do they represent?
At least two paragraphs Conclusions What have you learned about your subject from your literature review?
Length as needed References Cited APA format is required.

The Literature Review will be marked as follows:

10 points Content quality of introduction

35 points Content quality of article descriptions

35 points Content quality of analysis and findings

25 points Content quality of conclusions

20 points Quality of writing and editing

30 points Correctness of citation work

155 points

Upload the Literature Review document to the Week 6 Dropbox by nolater than the close of Week 6.


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DeVry CRMJ 415 Week 1, 2 & 6 Course Project Part 1,2,3 Latest

Best DeVry CRMJ 415 Week 1, 2 & 6 Course Project Part 1,2,3 Latest
DeVry CRMJ 415 Week 1, 2 & 6 Course Project Part 1,2,3 Latest


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