Devry CIS 115 Week 4 Lab Latest




Devry CIS 115 Week 4 Lab Latest


TCO 4—Given a simple problem that requires one or more decisions, create a solution algorithm that uses decisions with logical and relational expressions.

TCO 8—Given a more complex problem, develop a complete solution that includes a comprehensive statement of the problem, complete program design, and program documentation.


You have been asked to design a program that will allow a teacher to calculate the percentage and the final grade for students in a class. The program will prompt the teacher to enter the student’s first and last name and the number of points the student received.The program will only accept scores between 0 and 1,000 points (including 0 and 1,000), with 1,000 points being the maximum number of points. If the input value is within the valid range, the program will display a “good score” message; otherwise, the program will display an error message and then terminate the program. The program will then calculate the score percentage anddetermine the grade based on the percentage using the following grade criteria.

Score Percent Range Grade
90—100 A
80—89 B
70—79 C
60—69 D
0—59 F

The program will then display the student’s first name, last name, number of points, calculated percentage, and final grade.

The program will have an initial prompt informing the user of the program’s purpose, along with a program termination message.

Be sure to think about the logic and design first (input-process-output (IPO)chart and pseudocode), then code the Visual Logic command line processing.


Point distribution for this activity:

iLab Activity
Document Points possible Points received
Variable listand IPO chart 10
Flowchart 15
Working program 25
Total Points 50


(1) Variable ListWith Data Typeand IPO Chart

List all the variables you will use (use valid variable names). Indicate whether the data type is string, integer, or double, and so on.

List the inputs, any processes/calculations, and outputs. Use the same valid variable names you used in Step 1.

Inputs Process (calculations) Outputs


(2) Flowchart

Use MS Visio to create a flowchart. Paste the flowchart here, or attach it as a separate document. Use the same valid variable names you used in Step 1.



(3) C# Code
Screenshot of running program
Zipped project file (submitted to Dropbox)

Copy and paste your C#code here.

Paste a screenshot(s) of the complete working program here. Use test scenarios to test all possible paths of execution.

Submit a separate zipped file to the Dropbox containing the complete project folder.


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Devry CIS 115 Week 4 Lab Latest

Best Devry CIS 115 Week 4 Lab Latest

Devry CIS 115 Week 4 Lab Latest