DeVry CARD 548 Week 5 Discussions Latest




DeVry CARD 548 Week 5 Discussions Latest


Global Leaders.

In the book Global Literacies (Simon & Schuster 2000), Robert Rosen states :

“Leaders are kept awake at night by hard business realities: the need to generate profitable growth, reach markets quickly, protect their reputation, and anticipate the unexpected.

But their deeper sleeplessness comes from the human challengers: How can they acquire and retain the best talent to lead their companies through change? How can they promote teamwork across boundaries and borders? How can they develop executives to lead in the world? ‘Our scarcest resource is globally literate leaders,’ warns Alfred Zeien, chairman and CEO of Gillette, one of the Unites States’ most global companies” (page 25).

Class, in this thread, let’s discuss key elements of leaders operating within global organizations. What are some key skill sets and personality traits of “globally literate leaders?”


Meaningful Work

In the book The New Global Leaders (Jossy-Bass 1999), Manfred F.R. de Vries (with Elizabeth Florent-Treacy) states:

“Work in organizations, directed toward achieving shared goals, also answers another human need: it allows us to feel useful.Individuals need to commit themselves to something that is valuable, that has a positive impact. Through usefulness is a highly subjective experience, it is linked to the particular objectives and causes that drive individuals to transcend their customary abilities.Because a search for usefulness–for meaning–largely determines a person’s life course, it also influences life in organizations. Once again, this poses a challenge for the global leader: how to find a purpose or objective that employees from different cultures see as meaningful, inspiring them to strive in ways that simplistic formulas of return on investment and profit maximization cannot.”

Is there some truth to the author’s contention? What is it that we would find meaningful to our life’s purpose in the midst of an organization or work setting?


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DeVry CARD 548 Week 5 Discussions Latest

Best DeVry CARD 548 Week 5 Discussions Latest

DeVry CARD 548 Week 5 Discussions Latest