DeVry BUSN 319 All Week Discussions Latest




DeVry BUSN 319 All Week Discussions Latest

DeVry BUSN 319 Week 1 Discussions Latest

Strategic Marketing Process? (graded)

How do the goals set for the marketing program in the planning phase relate to the evaluation phase of the strategic marketing process? What would you do with the results of the evaluation if: a) you exceeded your goals? b) you fell short of your goals?

Environmental Scanning (graded)

Environmental scanning is critical to acquire information on events occurring outside of the organization. For example, in 2009, the U.S. economy faltered and the unemployment rate rose. As a result, dollar (type) stores flourished. The poor economic trend actually became a huge opportunity for an entire retail segment. Select one of the five environmental forces (social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory), discuss an actual trend that fits into that particular environmental force, and provide an accompanying marketing opportunity

DeVry BUSN 319 Week 2 Discussions Latest

Consumer Behavior (graded)

The /question/view/84092/devry-busn319-week-1-and-week-2-discussions-latest-#”>purchase decisionprocess can vary greatly in terms of the time required from the moment a need is perceived until the actual ./question/view/95195/devry-busn319-all-weeks-discussions-latest-#”>purchaseevent. Provide an example of an item that may require a long time, and another that may progress relatively quickly through the decision process. What may be some common characteristics among items that have a longer time frame?

Understanding the Market (graded)

Visit the”>U.S. Census website. What information can you find on this site that will help you to estimate size of market for your marketing plan topic? By using the Internet to also research articles written by trade journals and industry experts, what other relevant information can you find about your industry to help you estimate your market size and market potential?

DeVry BUSN 319 Week 3 Discussions Latest

Understanding Consumers Using Research (graded)

Companies want to make the best marketing decisions possible regarding which customers to pursue, which products or services to introduce or promote, where to sell their products or services, and at what price. Although not perfect, the use of market research reduces some risk. Suppose you want to open a bow tie shop in Washington, D.C. What information would you want to know before funding such a project? How would you find that information?

STP: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (graded)

Occasionally, a student will suggest that his or her product or service is universally needed, such as providing a haircut. Therefore, they plan to target everyone. Why is this not a good idea? What criteria should be used to determine which market segment(s) to target?

DeVry BUSN 319 Week 4 Discussions Latest

Product Lifecycle (graded)

Products, like people, are viewed as having a life cycle. Product life stage cycles include (a) Introduction, (b) Growth, (c) Maturity, and (d) Decline.

What Life stage would you say the following items reside?

Canon digital cameras

Hand-held manual can openers

HP tablet computers

What marketing strategies would you suggest to these companies?

Branding (graded)

Some have said that a brand is a promise. What does that mean and why is having a strong brand an advantage to a company and to the consumer?

DeVry BUSN 319 Week 5 Discussions Latest

Pricing Decisions (graded)

Pricing is a critical decision made by a marketing executive because price has a direct effect on a firm’s profits. Note the six major steps in the process organizations go through in setting prices on pages 322–323. Step one involves identifying pricing objectives and constraints. Give an example of a pricing strategy and describe how specifics constraints may prevent the fulfillment of reaching that pricing objective.

Pricing Adjustments (graded)

There are times when pricing adjustments are made. List three specific types of price adjustments and explain the rationale for making such an adjustment.

DeVry BUSN 319 Week 6 Discussions Latest

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) (graded)

Marketing communications has evolved significantly in the past some years. There are so many different ways to communicate from PR to Lead Generation, Advertising to Direct Mail. At times, the types of communications to end users, leveraging various approaches were executed off as separate activities. There was no continuity, no specific overall strategic plan. Thanks to improvements in technology, drive for ROI, the concept, and approach of integrated marketing communications has become a huge focus.

In fact, clients and employers are asking for measurable results. No longer is the phrase uttered by John Wanamaker, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” acceptable.

What is Integrated Marketing Communications and why is it so important in the 21st century for marketers to embrace this?

Social Media and Marketing (graded)

As marketers, we have less control over our brand messaging because of social media, correct? Think about it. All of our customers have unlimited online access to praise, or smear, our brand. That is a lot of power? How do marketers deal with this reality?

We listen. If we don’t, we are rendered useless to respond. Check out this article and give me your thoughts.


DeVry BUSN 319 Week 7 Discussions Latest

Distribution – Delivering the Goods (graded)

Amazon: Delivering the Goods… Millions of Times a Day. Read the Amazon case on pages 400 and 401. You may watch the video at the publisher’s website if you choose.

  1. How do’s logistics and supply chain management activities help the company create value for its customers?
  2. What systems did Amazon develop to improve the flow of products from suppliers to Amazon distribution centers?
  3. What systems improved the flow of orders from the distribution centers to customers?

The Four Ps (graded)

For your final discussion topic, I’d like to hear your opinion. We can all agree that each of the four Ps are critical marketing considerations. That said, which one (product, price, promotion, or placement) is the most important and why? Make a strong case for your decision.


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DeVry BUSN 319 All Week Discussions Latest

Best DeVry BUSN 319 All Week Discussions Latest

DeVry BUSN 319 All Week Discussions Latest